According to Heineken, it’s “a cooler that carries itself.” A cooler, cooler, if you will.

The Heineken B.O.T. (Beer Outdoor Transporter) is “a limited-edition autonomous robot cooler that dutifully follows its owner wherever they go with ice-cold cans of Heineken.” They say that it holds a 12-pack and is “always down to chill” with its “charming AI” personality. We’re in.

Right now, Heineken says the only way to get one is to win one, so keep an eye out. With all that the world needs right now, it just seems fitting that we put our technology to good use. Like delivering beer.

If the prospect of a beer bot scares you, don’t worry — you can always get some Old Glory Robot Insurance to be protected in the event of a robot attack.

As always, The Rock Father crew would like to remind you to drink responsibly, and if you want a B.O.T., keep an eye on!