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61byrgK0cVL. SL500 AA300 I wasn’t impressed with the first outing by HELLYEAH, the rock Voltron comprised of lions from PANTERA, MUDVAYNE, and NOTHINGFACE.
On their second album, STAMPEDE (released this week through Epic), the band improves, though sadly not enough to bring Hellyeah into the same territory of their more famous other bands.
The tendency for veering into the fields of ballads is where the band fails, derailing the “stampede” into a mess of bland, boring, radio rock without any redeeming qualities whatsoever.
The band has always worked best when riding the alcohol-fueled waves of greasy Texas metal, and that hasn’t changed. While nothing will ever be as classic as PANTERA, etc., tracks like “The Cowboy Way,” “Pole Rider,” and the title track show just how bad-ass HELLYEAH can be when they’re focused.
With the amount of time that the band spends between Texas and Las Vegas, they should know by now that the type of rock that works in titty bars is devoid of acoustic guitars. Unless you’re in the BLOODHOUND GANG, a lap dance isn’t very good if the stripper is cryin’.

Perhaps the third time ’round will be the charm?

Rating: 3/5

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