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Here’s that “Mr. Mambo” Song from the ANT-MAN TV Spots…

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Yesterday, after covering MARVEL’s ANT-MAN extensively here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine in recent weeks, The Rock Daughters and I took an afternoon detour to catch a matinee screening of the film in 3D at a local Regal Cinema. They had yet to see the film (which I love – read my review here), and while they’re technically young for a PG-13 film, I stand behind my words in that this really is a MARVEL film for the entire family.  Addie absolutely LOVED the film, giggling, laughing and cheering throughout, while little Finn fell asleep and missed 90% of it (in fairness, it was during her regular naptime). Upon exiting, I overheard another audience member mention “that mambo scene wasn’t in the movie,” which is exactly what prompted me to pen another ANT-centric post. As is the case with many films, there’s a lot of deleted scenes and unused footage that makes it’s way into trailers and TV spots for a film, and that’s happened quite a bit with ANT-MAN. In one such spot that celebrates the film’s #1 opening at the box office, the crew of Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man (aka the #Antourage) is seen dancing to a swinging little number that’s raised a common question: “What is that song?” Well, I can tell you that it’s a tune called “Mr. Mambo,” and it’s the “Hips Mix” version by electro-jazz duo 11 ACORN LANE (Thomas Feurer and Neal Pawley) that appears in said spot.

“Mr. Mambo (Hips Mix)” comes from the album TIME FOR TEA, available now from Wooden Hat Records. A more swinging, less-electronic version of the song appears on their 2009 record, EVERYBODY’S HERE.

While we’re on the subject of the music of ANT-MAN, Christophe Beck’s excellent score is also out now, and for those wondering what funky jams were featured in the film that were familiar, but not the work of Beck, THE COMMODORES’ “I’m Ready” and ROY AYERS’ “Escape” are likely the tunes that you seek – and both are included with the score.

MARVEL’s ANT-MAN is in theaters now, and has already taken in over $144 million Globally! Buy tickets via Fandango.

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