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Heroes are all around us… Who is Your Hero?

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The Rock Father™ has collaborated with Life of Dad and Marvel for the #WhoIsYourHero initiative.

Look closely. They’re all around us…

Though some might be operating in unexpected places – many even out of the normal scope of view – there are heroes everywhere.

While the colorful characters that inhabit the pages of Marvel Comics continue making the leap to screens big and small in new installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a host of television series’ both live-action and animated, the legendary accomplishments of these Super (or even “mystic,” looking at you, Doctor Strange) Heroes often pale in comparison to that of the real-life heroes that we encounter every day.

The Rock Daughters and Ant-Man

No matter girl or boy, no matter big nor small, no matter young nor old, real people accomplish some of the most extraordinary things. Truth is, many of these same real-life heroes are fairly unsung, and often have no idea how important their impact is on the world.

Marvel Heroes Come in All Sizes.

But the most important way to measure the size of a hero, is the size of their heart.

The Rock Daughters in the Garden

My friends at Marvel know this well, and as their characters continue to inspire new generations of real ones, the time has come to honor the heroes in our everyday lives. Think about this… #WhoIsYourHero? It could be a family member or person in your community, and this is your chance to nominate them! Simply post a picture on social media using that hashtag, and be sure to tag Life of Dad and Marvel. Some heroes will be chosen at random to receive some cool Marvel gear!


Here at home, I’d venture to say that our daughters look at my wife and I has their personal heroes – after all, we’ve passed our love of Marvel heroes down to them. But on that same note, my own hero operates under this very roof… and it is my wife.

She might not look at what she does as being “heroic,” but what she does makes a big impact on many. A nearly 80-mile roundtrip to-and-from work each day, she’s often gone before sunrise, and back at sundown (especially in the winter months). By day, the end result of her work affects the well-being of others, and by night she’s always here for our girls. To fight the endless battle of homework… to read stories… to give baths, snuggles and love. I could never do what she does, and it’s because of her that everything keeps moving.

The Rock Daughters and Mother...

So tell us, Who Is YOUR Hero?

MARVEL Twitter Party

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