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BroboThere’s a ton of lighted bedtime friends on the market these days, and one of our favorites first arrived here at Rock Father HQ back in May. BROBO is a line of super-cuddly nightlights that make up the “Shine Force” – a collection of five fun characters, each with their own Shine Force light. Placed on their chest, the light recalls a bit of Tony Stark technology – like Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Swipe the hand or tail of your favorite character over their chest, and the light illuminates (and vibrates). Swipe again to dim it, or once more to turn it off. We have “Pep” and “Dog” here, and the girls love them, thus securing them a place here in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide on The Rock Father.


Check out some action shots of our Brobo friends below…


TRF approved125BROBO is an independent toy line, so right now distribution is a bit limited. They’re available direct from the official site, or at select boutique toy stores throughout North America.

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