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Holiday 2014If you’ve recently been inside a retailer that happens to have a toy section, you’ve probably come across a display for Blip Toys’ Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin. Pegged by kids and insiders (guys like me) as one of 2014’s Hot Holiday Toys, there’s good reason: It’s cute, well-built, and the little ones love it. In fact, we’ve had our Pumpkin for nearly two months already, and she’s used daily. Imagine if you will, that Cinderella received an adorable little puppy from Prince Charming as an anniversary gift. That puppy is little Pumpkin, and in this version, she’s an interactive, talking, moving, singing radio-controlled pet.

 Magic Dance Pumpkin: “In-Action” Video with Cinderella (Addie) & Baby Snow White (Finn):

Play Value:

Magic Dance PumpkinThe radio control functions are ingeniously contained within a “Magic Wand,” adding a fine element of imaginative play to the mix as the girls feel that it’s the power within themselves that springs little Pumpkin to life. Magic Dance Pumpkin can talk, dance, curtsy and wag her tail. 

My girls love “using their powers” to activate Pumpkin, and often have fun chasing her around our family room and kitchen. Little Finley is just over two (below the recommended aged of 4+), but loves “Pumpkin Dog,” as she calls her.

Magic Dance Pumpkin is being advertised heavily on Disney Junior right now, so the girls knew all about it even before it arrived here at HQ. That said, “buy early” would be my advice on this one.

Magic Dance Pumpkin

Rock Father-Approved!Points to Note:

Recommended for Ages 4+, this Rock Father-approved toy works best on a flat, smooth surface (like hardwood, tile or laminate flooring), but will also work ok on low-pile area rugs (see video above), but not well on carpet. When unboxing the toy, be sure to remove all of the tiny, clear packaging bands as they will impede Pumpkin’s movements if accidentally left on. Additionally (and I think this is a design feature to protect the toy from breakage), Pumpkin’s tail will fall off if it comes into contact with an object like a wall or furniture, but clips right back in.

Available now via (my associate) Amazon.
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