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If you follow me on Instagram (and I sure hope you do), you might’ve caught a glimpse of Flynn’s Rescue Ship back on October 22 when we did our build. Part of MEGA Bloks’ SKYLANDERS collection of building sets (recommended for kids 5+), Flynn and the gang come from Activision’s recently-released video game SKYLANDERS SWAP FORCE, which follows last year’s SKYLANDERS GIANTS. While the game series has become a pop culture staple, the building category continues to grow alongside it, and the folks at MEGA Bloks have some incredible sets inspired by that world. Having already reviewed the SKYLANDERS GIANTS Arkeyan Robot King earlier this Fall, we were excited when MEGA Brands hit us with some fresh stock to review. After detailed evaluation here at Rock Father HQ, this collection lands firmly in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.



flynnWhat MEGA says:“Catch some air with Flynn’s Rescue Ship from Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force™. When the forces of KAOS are coming from all directions, Hot Head – with cool light-up powers – zooms through the air, providing cover to his friends on deck. Flynn jumps into action, any damage done by the Greebles. He can fire the real, working launchers or operate the crane! When the battle gets tough, Magna Charge rolls in to take on a whole sea of baddies. The battle for the Skylands has never been more fun!”


TRF approved125What THE ROCK FATHER says: An impressive set all the way around, Addie wanted to crack into this the second it arrived. We saved the best for last in our overall build, and this one took us around three hours – including interruptions – while my 17-month-old took her nap. More than just a ship, this is a genuine playset as well, complete with plenty of accessories and room to have some quality imaginative play. There’s a smaller, winged craft that comes with this, but it’s no match for the power of Flynn’s ship, which has really become the centerpiece of our Skylanders collection and scores the Rock Father Seal of Approval.

portalSKYLANDER’S SWAP FORCE: BATTLE PORTAL ASSORTMENT (Hot Dog’s Battle Portal, and Stump Smash’s Battle Portal reviewed)

What MEGA says:“Bring the heat to the battle with Hot Dog’s Battle Portal by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants™! Build Hot Dog’s light-up Battle Portal and take aim for your opponent’s battle bumpers to smash your way to lots of awesome loot items! Practice your battle skills in target or rebound mode or combine with the Ultimate Battle Arcade to compete with friends!”


What THE ROCK FATHER says: There’s not much “building” going on with the Battle Portal assortment, but the big draw here is adding additional characters to your Skylanders collection. Hot Dog was the big winner of the bunch for us, with the little one calling him “Fire Dog” before he was even out of the package. The lighted portals are also a big plus. These are a good stocking stuffer.


What MEGA says: “Shake the islands as Thumpback and a buildable Chompy Bot 9000s clash on the battlefield with the Chompy Bot Attack by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants ™! Build the Chompy Bot 9000s, sit the Red Chompy in the driver’s seat and get ready for action against Giant Thumpback. But armed with his Anchor Assault, Thumpback won’t back down from this monster machine with a Chompy missile launcher that really fires! All hail the whale and prepare for an epic showdown against the forces of Kaos!”


What THE ROCK FATHER says: This beefy little set is solid, and a powerful force on the battlefield. The little red guy that drives the Chompy Bot is a little shifty, though. Keep your eye on him.


What MEGA says: “The “fix is in!” with Sprocket’s Heroic Turret by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants™. Bring on the bad guys as you build Sprocket’s Turret Gun-O-Matic with a real working launcher. The forces of Kaos don’t stand a chance against Sprocket’s tech powers!”


What THE ROCK FATHER says: Out of all the characters we have and all the sets we’ve built, Sprocket is Addie’s favorite, and for one reason only: Sprocket is a girl. While Skylanders does have a bunch of female characters, they’re fewer than the males, and even a four-year-old notices. Despite all the cool features, and even the sheer size of our other sets, it’s this one little figure that means a lot for my daughter. The fact that the cannon has a spring-loaded “shooter” (as Addie calls it) is a bonus, too.



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