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2014 Holiday Gift GuideIf you’ve been following my adventures for a bit, then you’ve probably seen WILD KRATTS featured here on THE ROCK FATHER more than a few times over these last couple of years. As a PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent), I’ve often showcased the educational adventures of the Kratt brothers – Chris and Martin – as they teach kids about animals and the scientific aspects of the environments in which they inhabit. “Adventure” is key here, and that’s something that the folks at Wicked Cool Toys have captured in their new line of WILD KRATTS toys, a few of which I’m showcasing in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide – the WILD KRATTS Figures and Vehicles.

Available exclusively from the official WILD KRATTS Store at Ty’s Toy Box, or at Toys “R” Us, the figures collection pairs variations on Chris and Martin with various animals through Creature Power 2-packs and 4-packs, or with their own Createrra vehicle. Each set comes with animal-specific “Power Discs,” which can be used alongside the Creature Power Suit Vest & Glove Sets (sold separately) for kid-sized role-play action. 

Wild Kratts

krattstagHands-On with WILD KRATTS:

Included in our review assortment were the Cheetah Power 2-Pack (with Martin), the 4-Pack “Runners Set” (Roadrunner, Zebra, Cheetah, Lion-power Chris), and the Createrra with Martin.

The non-articulated figurines were immediately welcomed into my girls’ play patterns, no doubt because of their familiarity with the Kratts (for Addie, dating back to Sprout re-runs of ZOBOOMAFOO). Little Finley (vehicle obsessed) was all about the Createrra, which is essentially a free-wheeling Jeep with opening doors and plenty of room for two passengers. 

Replicating the exotic jungles in which the WILD KRATTS often traverse, the girls had their figures climbing high into the sunflower patch, scouring the “forest” floor below, and facing off with all manner of beast in the garden landscapes. While both of my little ones love their WILD KRATTS toys, it’s Finn that really identifies with them, and the brothers’ Kratt have been seen mingling with other, similarly-scaled toys here at HQ, including characters from SESAME STREET, DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD and more. 

Wild Kratts

Points to Note:

Recommended for Ages 3+, the lack of articulation on the figures is likely a cost-saving measure, as these toys are really affordably-priced (figure + vehicle for under $13), and while they may not have a ton of poseability, they’re still a ton of fun in getting the little ones immersed in quality imaginative play. My one point of criticism involves the design of the Createrra Jeeps, in that their doors should be one piece. The hinges attach to a door panel which can (and will be) easily knocked off and might require a grown-up to re-attach.

Rock Father Approved!Overall:

WILD KRATTS continues to pick up steam in it’s daily run on PBS KIDS, and with the Kratt brothers doing a lot of live appearances these days, more and more kids are going to want these. As a parent, I appreciate the low-tech approach to these toys, as not everything needs to be a battery-powered source of noise and lights. Observing my own children making up their own adventures makes it easy to call the WILD KRATTS a Rock Father-Approved Holiday Gift Idea.

Wicked Cool Toys’ WILD KRATTS Collection also includes an assortment of plush animals and 13.5″ talking plush versions of Chris and Martin Kratt.

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