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Holiday Gift Guide: TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS (Introducing Autobot Millie Mega)!


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TRANSFORMERSThere is little more that I can say that I haven’t already said to solidify the fact that I am a lifelong fan of the TRANSFORMERS. I’m 37, and next year, the TRANSFORMERS will celebrate their 30th Anniversary with a new TRANSFORMERS: THRILLING 30 Collection. Quite simply, I was 7 when the TRANSFORMERS hit the scene, and it was just right to make sure that three decades later, I’d still be playing along. As a father… as “The Rock Father,” I share things like the world of Cybertron with my children – my girls – and when the opportunity to review the new CONSTRUCT-BOTS came along, my four-year-old clarified just how right I’m doing things. “Would you like to build your own TRANSFORMER?” I asked. She looked at me, and with the most serious tone replied, “That’s a silly question. Of course, I would like to build my own TRANSFORMER.” And build it, she did.

The folks at Hasbro sent us a pair of TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS, a Scout Class IRONHIDE (Autobot) and an Elite Class SOUNDWAVE (Decepticon). My first thought? “Soundwave superior, Ironhide inferior.” But that was before building these things, which are sorta the Hasbro equivalent to the LEGO Bionicle line (as I’ve noted before, the “building” category of toys is ON FIRE right now). We decided to build them as their individual, transformable characters, and then let little Addie run free and craft her own creation. 


With just 45 and 48 pieces, respectively, these were a lightning-fast build. Not too complicated, yet not quite simple, either. What got me hung up a little bit is the same thing that snags me with all modern transformers, and that’s the first-time transformation and following between the instructions and the actual toy. Even with these it’s a little complicated, but it’s cool.


Now, I could tell you that this is where she broke the two characters apart and started swapping pieces to form her own creation, firmly clarifying for me that it is “a girl,” and “a good Autobot robot.”  Or, I can tell you to start playing this music, and sit back for something a little more dramatic…


“This is your world now. Tear it apart!”

A catastrophic event, cloaked in Energon and dangerous for any – regardless of faction… IRONHIDE and SOUNDWAVE are sucked into a mighty vortex of power, their gigantic metal husks twisted and pulled, manipulated like a pile of clay. On the ground, the Autobot and Decepticon factions take pause from battle, as in a flash an electrified streak of purple and red crashes into the ground with a force equal to a minor earthquake. From the smoking crater rises a new form – it’s wings outstretched and cannons pointed squarely at all who stand before it.

Behold the power of MILLIE MEGA! Heroic Autobot!

MILLIE MEGA! #ConstructBots

In reality, Addie told me that “this is Millie. Millie Mega. Her logo is the same one that’s on your guitar. She can fly and drive.” I tried getting Addie to ad “Magnus” to the end because Millie’s wheels really reminded me of ULTRA MAGNUS. No-go with the four-year-old, but I still think that MILLIE MEGA MAGNUS would’ve been a cool name.



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