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Holiday Overindulgence and a Reminder for the New Year…

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With the Holiday Season behind us, here I sit just days into the new year thinking back that the past few weeks have been, well, exhausting. Months of planning for events both personal and professional, and once December actually hits, it’s like a complete blur until January. Now that the dust has settled a bit, I have to think about what settled my stomach: Pepto-Bismol. Sure, if Ralphie was here reading this website with his little decoder ring, he’d probably think of this post as “a crummy commercial” – but I’m completely serious when I say that the one time of the year that is completely ripe with overindulgence for me is Christmas. For some folks it’s Thanksgiving (largely regarded as the biggest “eating” holiday of them all), but for me it’s always from around December 20-31st each year. I should (and do) know better, but with munchies just sitting in the open around every corner, Holiday “grazing” leads to some big time stomach aches and indigestion. That’s where #PinkRelief comes in.

For me it was heartburn this season, and what I reached for was the Pepto-Bismol InstaCool Chewable Tablets. It’s no joke – taken at the first sign of trouble, these peppermint-flavored tablets did the trick to knock that burn into submission. 


While our holiday celebrations are now a memory, just today I had someone point out that they still have an “office” holiday party yet to come… in early February! Yeah, we’re talking Valentine’s Day at this point, but apparently it’s January corporate Xmas parties that are a pretty common occurrence these days – I had no idea. The one piece of hearty advice I’d keep in mind is that when overdoing the food and drink might be a possibility, keeping some Pepto-Bismol close at hand would be a mighty fine idea.

Actually, we still might have “Christmas #6” to look forward to, an Xmas 2015 holdover that was rescheduled due to a family health issue. I can just picture the cheese tray with the various sausages calling my name…

Be ready for when stomach trouble strikes! http://www.pepto-bismol.com/

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