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Rides: Holiday Wish Guide – Armor All Car Care Gift Pack

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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with ​Pollinate Media Group® & Armor All but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ArmorAllGiftPack http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Ever since I purchased my first car as a teen, I’ve loved spending time keeping my cars looking great. From the beginning, Armor All has been a fixture in that mission, and over the years I’ve been thrilled not only to receive an Armor All Car Care Gift Pack – but to gift them as well. It’s a quick-and-easy gift that’s great to give and receive – all the gear one needs to make it through another season. As a parent, it’s also been awesome to see our girls get into it as well, always eager to help mommy and daddy keep the big cars clean, but also to wash their kid-rides as well. Since it’s like -10° here at Rock Father HQ right now, let’s think about warmer times…


Ah yes… the sunny days, green grass, and being outside washing the car with the girls. Weird to think that there was still green grass just over a month ago, but as I look out the window and see over a foot of icy snow and my salt-caked car in the driveway, I’m ready for a chance to put the new Armor All Care Care Gift Pack to good use, but in the meantime, I picked up a few more in the local Walmart Auto Center to use for prime gifting.

Armor All Car Care Gift Pack

The Armor All Car Care Gift Pack 10-Piece Bucket includes:

  • Ultra Shine Wash & Wax – For washing the dirt off the car, and shining it up in one shot.
  • Glass Wipes – Simple, stay-moist wipes for cleaning glass. I’ve used these to remove thousands of kid-sized fingerprints from the rear windows.
  • Quicksilver Wheel & Tire Cleaner – I love this stuff. Spray it on, and spray it off. 
  • Cleaning Wipes – Simple, stay-moist wipes, perfect for cleaning up things like coffee spills and kid-goo.
  • Original Protectant – Where it all began, this is that original formula that led to guys like me saying that we’re gonna “Armor All” something.
  • Extreme Tire Shine – A perfect finishing touch, make those tires shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. Wait, wrong movie.
  • Microfiber Towel – Perfect for detailing inside and out.
  • Car Wash Sponge – Everyone needs a perfect sponge for hand-washing.
  • Pro Secrets Booklet – Want tips to detail like the pros? Find them here.
  • Reusable Bucket – Perfect for washing, or storage. This is a fine bucket!

Armor All Gift Pack

Bonus: Take advantage of the ​$3 off digital coupon offer​ for the Armor All Car Care Gift Pack from Walmart, while supplies last!

If there’s ever any doubt to just how into cars The Rock Daughters™ are, one needs to look no further than the purple and yellow race car bed in our youngest’s room! If she could bust out the Armor All to shine the tires, she would. (not for indoor or kid use, of course – this is for grownups)


The Armor All Car Care Gift Pack is a featured pick in my 2016 Holiday Wish Guide, and available at Walmart and Walmart.com while supplies last.

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