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Holiday Wish Guide: DOC McSTUFFINS Get Better Talking Mobile (and more)…


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Holiday 2014There is only DOC McSTUFFINS, or so said the wise Ron Swanson once upon a time… a oft-quoted meme around these parts. As much as the kids love Doc McStuffins, it’s quite parent-approved here at Rock Father HQ as well, and as such, the girls have a full collection of items that could easily be found in Doc’s clinic. Last Christmas, the Get Better Checkup Center was the hot item of the season, with scalpers hoarding them and re-selling as if it was the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of 1983. Luckily for us, “Santa” was scoping out the local Walmarts in the weeks preceding Christmas, and after visiting countless remote stores, he happened to stop by the closest to HQ around 11pm one night just as two were being stocked on the shelves. While the odds of lightning striking twice are slim, Just Play Toys is back with another must-have Doc McStuffins toy this Holiday Season, with the Get Better Talking Mobile – which I’m calling my #1 Holiday Wish Guide toy of the year.


When Doc went “McMobile” last year, it was pretty much a given that the “Doc Mobile” – a portable clinic created by her Dad using a vacuum and other spare parts – would eventually become a toy. Now that’s happened, and Just Play has delivered a terrific replica that packs a ton of play features into a kid-sized version of Doc’s Mobile. Like an ambulance, the rear doors open to reveal a gurney and side-out ramp. There’s a seat on the side to allow any of Doc’s friends to be strapped-in for a ride, while there’s plenty of space for tools and storage. The CB activates a variety of sounds, there’s a working light on the top, and the EKG monitor lights up and makes noise, while a roll of boo-boo stickers is available for bandaging those injuries. The whole thing runs about $50, and no figures are included (see below for some additional info on that).


While “Santa” didn’t have to hunt for ours this year (thanks to the crew at Just Play for sending this one our way), I’m highly advising readers to get this one early… while you still can.

Rock Father-approved.

Available at Amazon | Walmart | Target | Disney Store and more.

How to build a good collection of Doc’s friends and patients? Surprisingly, there’s no simple way to buy all of Doc’s friends in one spot, so my girls have a collection that is mixed between characters from Just Play that are available at most retailers (Lambie, Stuffy, Squeakers, Hallie) along with some Disney Store Exclusives (Chilly, Gabby, Boppy, Melinda Mermaid, Bubble Monkey, and the sadly discontinued Glo-Bo). The number one character that needs a toy? THE WICKED KING! Hopefully 2015 will bring some additional friends for Doc fans everywhere. 


https://instagram.com/p/vLzSiKR-og/” style=” color:#000; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none; word-wrap:break-word;” target=”_top”>Even at 9am on a Sunday, the Doc is in. Convenient office hours. #DocMcStuffins #DisneyJunior @justplayproducts #Disney @disneystore

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