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Holiday Wish Guide 2017: Must-Haves from Fisher-Price Imaginext


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One of the best toy lines out there for kids ages 3-8 comes from Mattel’s Fisher-Price. Imaginext are exciting, themed toys that are age-appropriate for a younger audience that craves action and adventure, but they’re crafted to aid in development. Little ones can feel like a “big kid,” while exploring colorful worlds through incredibly detailed figures, playsets, vehicles and accessories. We first got into Imaginext a couple years back when our youngest daughter asked Santa for “a Space Station.” What she wanted was the Supernova Battle Rover – something that Santa not only delivered, but a playset still enjoyed two years later. For Holiday 2017, Fisher-Price has some new Imaginext collections, and two of the best are their DC Super Friends and Treasure Hunters series’. Not only are they fun for kids, but they’re also fun for grownups as they tap into interests like Justice League and Indiana Jones. Here’s a look at some of this season’s must-haves, sent to us for review as part of THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine’s 2017 Holiday Wish Guide™!

Imaginext Serpent Strike Pyramid Review

There’s an Egyptian flair to the Imaginext Treasure Hunters, and at the heart of that collection is the Imaginext Serpent Strike Pyramid. This detailed playset comes with Treasure Hunter and Serpent King figures and is packed with play features. Kids can use various Power Pads to activate features like rolling boulders (remember when I mentioned “Indiana Jones?”), lights and sound, and of course the Serpent Strike in which the pharaoh’s face opens to reveal a mighty snake! There’s also a voice changer that recalls another Mattel playset from my own youth – the Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain.


Licensed themes are a big part of the Imaginext experience, and DC Comics has been involved for quite some time. This year, just as Justice League made its way to the big screen, there’s some fun with the Super Friends that’s actually kid-friendly. For the Batman fan in the house, the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme is the ultimate BIG gift this season. Included almost unanimously on everyone’s Hot Toy Lists, this massive playset stands over two feet tall and has a wingspan of about four feet.

Batbot Xtreme Review

There’s a built-in voice changer so that kids can do a robotic spin on that gruff “Batman voice,” a hidden batcycle within the Batbot’s foot, ten (!) spring-loaded missiles (yes, we’ve lost ’em a few times, but they’ve all been relocated), Super-Punching action and Batman’s HQ is located within the Batbot’s chest. This thing makes an impact, and kids love it!

Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Mobile Command Center Review

For when the rest of the Justice League shows up, the Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Mobile Command Center is the way to go. This vehicle is beefy – it has real weight to it – and offers plenty of on-the-go play. Kids can chase the villains throughout the house in a vehicle that opens up to become a true mobile command center. There’s an included Batwing that can be launched automatically from the mechanical platform that’s built onto the back. 


One thing to note is that “RC” in this case means “remote” control – not “radio.” While this is wireless, it’s powered by IR, which means it works great inside the house, but outside use will be spotty. I’d recommend it for indoor use only when it comes to the RC function.

Bonus: Look for last year’s DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City playset. It’s the perfect companion environment for all of the Imaginext Super Hero adventures.

Look for all of these great toys in-stores now, or order direct from Mattel or Amazon!

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