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One of the biggest surprises of 2015 when it comes to toys has been Flipsies by VTech. Launched during the transition for summer to fall, Flipsies are figures of little girls that interact with their playsets using MagicPoint technology. Pressing a charm on their neck while at a MagicPoint will activate sound FX, speech, and even lights in certain areas. Different Flipsies can engage in MagicChat with one another – but the key to the fun is in the name itself… Flipsies. Each doll can “flip” from a the “every day look” of a little girl into what they aspire to be. The Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser 2-in-1 playset quickly became one of the most-loved toys of the year for The Rock Daughters, particularly little Finley. In House Mode, it’s a fun doll house with all the cool accessories you could want – and in Ocean Cruiser Mode, Sandy can don a special wig and costume to join her Dolphin friend on some aquatic adventures as she takes on the role of a Marine Biologist. As a parent, what I really dig is that while these might look like just another doll line at a glance, each Flipsies set has a connection to a real-life career. While Sandy wishes to be a Marine Biologist, there’s Carina who’d like to be a Doctor, Lexi who dreams of being a Teacher, Eva who hopes to become a Veterinarian and more.

Vtech Flipsies Review

Sandy’s Ocean Cruiser comes packed with fun, complete with a slide and zipline, a bed, table and chairs, kitchen  accessories – everything you need for fun and adventure except for additional Flipsies friends… which make great stocking stuffers!

Get Flipsies now at or your favorite retailers, Nationwide.

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