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Holiday Wish Guide For Seniors? Old Glory Robot Insurance… or Robo-Cat??


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It was 20 years ago that actor Sam Waterston (LAW & ORDER) appeared on Saturday Night Live to endorse Old Glory Insurance and their excellent coverage against robot attacks on seniors. Sure, “Robot Insurance” was just a pipedream a mere two decades ago, but this week news came down that one of my favorite companies – and one that I work with on a weekly basis – has just unveiled a line of “Companion Pets” geared toward seniors… or in more simple terms, ROBOT CATS. Hasbro’s JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets are their first foray into products aimed specifically at the truly oldest older kids, utilizing the animatronic technology that Hasbro has honed with products like their FurReal Friends and Furby lines.  These cats “respond to petting, hugging and motion through built-in sensors,” and boast “authentic cat sound effects, and soft fur inspired by real felines.” Watch the video below to see it in action…

“We heard from seniors across the country that companionship was important to their happiness. Many live alone, miss having a pet, or are no longer able to care for a pet. While it’s not a replacement for a pet, the JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet Cat is a life-like alternative that can provide the joy and companionship of owning a real pet, without the often cumbersome responsibilities. Whether it’s one-on-one time between caregivers and recipients, or multi-generational play with parents, children, and grandchildren, we’re excited to enable families and friends of all ages to connect more deeply through the universal language of play”Ted Fischer, vice president of business development at Hasbro

The official press release that’s been making the rounds states that “The brand was inspired by consumer feedback highlighting the appeal of certain Hasbro toys and games for seniors, and the development of Companion Pets was informed by extensive consumer research with older adults and their caregivers nationwide.” There’s a part of me that wonders if that translates into “Grandma played with a FurReal Friend and thought it was a real cat!” 

I totally appreciate wanting to spread joy and love, and to reach new audiences through the joy of play, but after watching the videos on the  JOY FOR ALL website, they just make me feel sad. On one hand “it’s not a replacement for a pet,” but on the other it quite obviously is. The though of some kind-hearted old folks developing an emotional relationship with a robot… a toy… or any other lifeless object just feels wrong. And what happens when the batteries go… or even worse, if the product fails. I’m thinking of Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY when he lost “Wilson” the volleyball.

Regardless, I still love you, Hasbro. 

Now how about some Old Glory Robot Insurance?


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