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Holiday Wish Guide: Moxie Girlz Ice Cream Bike


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With two girls in the house, I see a lot of dolls come through here at Rock Father HQ – a mix of those we purchase, receive as gifts or are sent for testing. From the MOXIE GIRLZ line comes one of this year’s most unique and charming offerings – the Moxie Girlz Ice Cream Bike with Sophina. The well-crafted and uniquely functional toy brings a different kind of vehicle into the doll aisle – one that works as-advertised, and surprisingly requires no batteries! With her articulated legs, knees and ankles, Sophina is able to “pedal” the bike as the little ones push it, while the wheels of the ice cream cart turn a genuine music box for that authentic sound and feel. 

With our outside play days numbered here for the year as the freezing temperatures become commonplace, I wish my girls had their Ice Cream bike during the summer months, though that’s not to say that imagination won’t bring those warm weather vibes inside. One thing to note is that due to the unique articulation of the doll, Sophina will not stand on her own if removed from the bike. “Pinocchio legs,” you could say.


The stackable ice cream cones and scoops make for a fun play feature (though not recommended for children under 3 – choking hazard), and the included paper money is interesting as a teaching tool to help explain the price of goods and services. Sure, they might be from different toy makers (Moxie Girls being MGA Entertainment and Star Wars being Hasbro), but even The Emperor and his Royal Guard need an ice cream cone from time to time.


The Moxie Girlz Ice Cream bike is Rock Father-approved for inclusion in my 2014 Holiday Wish Guide. 

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