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When Christmas Day arrives, it’s always been sort of a tradition to have one “big gift” hiding under the tree – perhaps “big” in size, but definitely big in fun. One recommendation I’m throwing out there in my 2014 Holiday Wish Guide is something that hits on both of those notes and was a surprise even to us – a fantastic playset from Playmobil, the City Life Furnished Shopping Mall. This 535 piece set is massive – a two-level mall with everything kids need to stock and staff a couple of clothing and accessory stores for their Playmobil figures, a sporting goods store, a bridal boutique and even a food court-style ice cream shop. The attention to detail here is impressive, and the play value is huge, with our Playmobil Mall quickly becoming a part of the daily play routine here at Rock Father HQ with many different figures from well beyond the Playmobil realm shopping this location. Yes, I even spotted Holographic Obi-wan Kenobi looking for a handbag last week.


If it’s in a mall, you’ll probably spot a perfectly-scaled Playmobil equivalent in this set, from store fixtures to cash registers, right down to money, credit cards and a “working” ATM. There’s a “glass” elevator, a functional fitting room area, and each store has perfect little accompaniments for unlimited fun. And if business is good and the mall needs to expand (recovering economy and all)? Playmobil Direct Service sells an extension for the mall that will add a couple of shops. And to stock those stores? You can get additional sets like a Toy Shop, Snack Bar, Mall Cafe, Pizzeria, Clothing Boutique and more.

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All of this fun fits into the larger City Life Collection, with other large playsets available including houses, a school, a hospital and more – all crafted with the same care and attention to detail.


Now, being Christmas, it’s only fitting that Santa visits the mall, and with our Santa Claus with Reindeer Sleigh from the younger-skewing Playmobil 1-2-3 collection (sent to us for review alongside the mall), we’ve created a little “visiting Santa” moment in our world, and that’s something that your little ones may want to do as well.


These sets are Rock Father-Approved, and make for fantastic gifts this Holiday Season and beyond!

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