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How to Choose the Right Vehicle For Your Road Trip

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As the summertime looms, the urge to get out and explore the world is growing. Many of us abhor staying in one place; we’d rather look toward the next great adventure away from our houses. When going on vacation, there are several different modes of transportation to consider. Flying on a plane still remains the most popular but many enjoy going by boat or even train.

However, many travelers enjoy loading up their vehicles and heading out on the open road. In fact, between 22% and 39% of all vacations take the form of a road trip.

Although going by road takes longer, it can create a memorable trip. You can see the numerous hidden gems that this great country has to offer. Passing through the small towns and beautiful sights and sounds are distinct advantages for the road trip method. While going on a road trip, you will pay a lot for gas. You will, however, save on expensive airline tickets.

Travelers that choose to venture on a road trip will need to have the right vehicle to make it to their final destination. After all, not all vehicles are created the same. Some of them are not built for a lengthy road trip. One of the great debates is whether a car or a truck is better. Consider some of the following points when choosing your vehicle for a summer roadtrip.

Best cars for road trips

While out on the road heading to your destination, you want a steady vehicle that will last. The last thing we want is for our vehicles to break down in the middle of nowhere. If your vehicle can’t withstand the wear and tear of a road trip, it has likely seen better days. You are in need of a vehicle update.

When deciding on a vehicle, comfort is a major factor to consider. You will be spending several days, or even weeks, in this vehicle. Since it essentially becomes your home over this period, you will want as comfortable of a car as possible. As with any vehicle purchase, safety should always be your greatest priority. You will want a car that is both comfortable and safe for your family.

The Audi A6 is a great option for vehicles that guarantee both comfort and safety. It features a four- or six-cylinder engine. It delivers all the assets and features of cars that are much more expensive. It also features a large and spacious trunk, which can be a lifesaver on a vacation.

Larger families desire larger vehicles to accommodate their needs while on a road trip. The Chevrolet Suburban is a fantastic option. It seats up to nine. It also comes with a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and even an entertainment system, to keep your family occupied during the trip. It also has an advanced fuel management system to help you save on fuel.

The Kia Telluride (pictured top) has been a big hit with families since its debut last year.

Best trucks for road trips

For family vacations, trucks may not be the best option. They do, however, offer much more storage and hauling products. When you drive a truck, trucking insurance is vital. Since there are an estimated 15.5 million trucks on the road every day, it is important to have insurance. The health and safety of yourself and other motorists is vital. Trucking insurance will help protect you and your employer.

While trucks are not always feasible for a family road trip, they can be perfect for a trip involving a couple of buddies. The extra storage space is their greatest advantage over other, smaller vehicles. There are a number of great choices when searching for your truck.

The 2016 GMC Canyon Diesel is a fantastic option for someone who does not want to worry about fuel. You can travel 30 miles per gallon and up to 600 miles on a single tank. This is extra convenient for traveling long distances. It can also hold up 7,000 pounds. This will be incredibly useful.

Another outstanding choice is the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. This mid-size pickup truck is spacious and offers plenty of room. There are 41.4 inches of headroom and 45 inches of legroom. While on the road, comfort is a priority, so having room is an essential key. Another strong point is it’s hauling capacity. With an upgrade to the Z82 trailering package, it can carry up to 7,000 pounds. If your vacation involves high adventure activities like boats and dirt bikes, this pickup can easily haul them. [Ed note: For a family road trip, The Rock Father likes the Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 Trail Boss]

Choosing the right dealership

In 2018, car and light truck sales totaled close to 17.1 million. Buying a vehicle is one of the most significant purchases families and individuals will make. It is important to have all your ducks in a row so that you can make an informed decision. Finding the right dealership is a tricky situation. You do not want to be swindled by an unscrupulous salesperson. You want to find someone you can trust.

There are several different insights to consider when finding the right dealership. Reputation and longevity can help alleviate some concerns. Poorly run businesses do not last so one that has been around for generations must be doing something right. You will also want to consider the inventory. The smaller the inventory, the more limited your options are. Service and maintenance are also major factors in the decision. You will want a dealership that you can build a relationship with. When you need service, you will hope that you can count on them.

Road safety

While out on your road trip, safety in your vehicle is the greatest priority. This should be taken into consideration while making your vehicle purchase. Weather is a major factor. The weather contributes to 21% of vehicle crashes. When out on the road, research the weather reports beforehand. Consider downloading a weather app so you can keep up to date as you go along.

Road trips can be quite the journey. With the right decision making, you can help ensure a fun yet safe trip for all.

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