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First impressions can make or break a sale when selling homes. Luckily, finding prospective buyers for your house doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some cheap projects you can invest in and give your home a major facelift and a bang for your bucks. Below are some of the ways you can do so.

Upgrading Your Front Door

If your door is in disrepair or is old, you should consider replacing it. 85% of the nation’s homes were built prior to 1980 and are in need of home improvement. However, if it is in good shape, you could consider repainting since this will be as effective as upping the curb appeal, and is way cheaper.

If you are repainting, choose a color that compliments your exterior. Bright and bold hues like cobalt and turquoise are currently trendy and will grab attention. Likewise, a charcoal door will appeal to the masses so that you won’t go wrong with it.

Improve Lighting

Exterior lighting will make your home look very regal. Besides making your home more appealing, floodlights, lamp posts, and path lights beef up the security of your home and increase visibility, hence preventing accidents.

New lamp posts and a few front door scones can be cheaply done for a few dollars. Depending on the fixture you want, lighting can be easy to install. You could opt for path lights that use solar, and you will use $30-50 in each. With this, you will not need maintenance or wiring since they are stuck in the ground in sunny areas.

Driveway De-Griming

Who said your driveway could not make a style statement? If cobblestone and brick pavers are not affordable for you, you could clean and seal your driveway. Even if cleaning and sealing are not as efficient as replacing brick owners, it will still make a visual impact on your home. As you walk on the driveway, pay attention to your wall.

You can repaint it or use a different material to make it catchy. Statistics by Census Bureau shows that 36% of the new single-family homes completed in 2020 in the US had vinyl siding as the main type of exterior wall material, and 23% were made of brick while those with stucco were 17%. Homes with cement and fiber constituted 13%.

When left for an extended period, dust and dirt can make the surfaces in your home dingy. Spend your extra hundreds of dollars to have your front porch, and walkway pressure washed too.

Greener Environment

A lush lawn can improve curb appeal, but you could also cover the ground with a container garden and a mower. You could start with adding some fresh potted plants to the front entry or your porch. Also, you could supplement that by planting seasonal flowers in a window box on the ground.

Check if your home has any dead or brown spots. As you do this, you might want to ensure that your lawn is well manicured. Your yard might still be looking messy even if you are used to maintaining it regularly, so you need to know how a mower is used and how to make patterns on your lawn. Mowing your property will make your home look beautiful, and it will be healthier because there will be no weeds.

Clean Exterior Surfaces

The exterior of your home should not look worn out. Research shows that 87% of women take a clean house to be a reflection of themselves. Check whether there is any fading or chipping paint in your home and cover it with a similar color if repainting the whole house does not sound like much of an option. For the roof, look for any discolored and stained areas as you clean the gutters and remove the captured leaves.

Sparkling, streak-free windows will brighten the exteriors of your home even on cloudy days. All that you have to use is elbow grease and a cleanser. Also, keep in mind that an impressive exterior will make prospective buyers urge to see the inside.

Working on the curb appeal is an incredible factor that can help you convert the sign of your home from ‘on sale’ to ‘sold.’ Even if you are not planning to sell your home, curb appeal is also important because it keeps your home safe, saves you money as it adds value to your home.

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