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It’s Time to Spread a Little KINDness…

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THE ROCK FATHER has partnered with Life of Dad and KIND Snacks for this promotion…

In a time when a lot of what we hear can be less than kind, it’s time to spread some kindness and start recognizing the KIND acts that take place millions of times a day. With the Holiday Season upon us, there’s more folks out and about, and that makes it easier to spot some acts of kindness out there “in the wild.” It can be a simple gesture like holding a door or helping someone when they fall… or a bigger act like volunteering at a local shelter, or doing something bigger like a toy drive (as we did here at Rock Father HQ).  There’s a lot of people out there that are #kindawesome, and my friends at KIND Snacks want to help spread kindness by recognizing kind acts. Being KIND has been part of their mission since day one, and on World Kindness Day this year, they unveiled some shareable #kindawesome cards to recognize and share. I have some of those cards… but you can share kindness, too!

If I happen to see you in real-life committing a kind act, I just might bestow upon you a KIND card. But what about online? Sure, there’s many trolls that inhabit the internet, but contrary to what you’ve heard, they’re not all bad. Oh no, there’s plenty of KIND Trolls out there, and I’ve joined them this past week – “KIND Trolling” the internet for people that are #kindawesome. Their goodness has been rewarded, and I’ve given them some virtual cards that they can redeem online and receive real-life KIND Snacks, and then pay it forward to another #kindawesome individual.

KIND Trolling!

While it’s fun and great to recognize grownups that are being KIND, I’ve been using this program as a weapon in my arsenal of teaching tools… one to help reinforce the merits of kindness with our daughters. Thing is, impressionable youngsters (ours are 3 & 6) need much guidance, otherwise they easily lean toward The Dark Side of The Force.

Wanna talk about recognizing acts that are #kindawesome? Join us for a special Twitter Chat on Wednesday, December 9 at 8pm ET… but in the meantime, visit HowKindOfYou.com to get started in sharing the kindness.


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