Memorial Day is just around the corner and the cookouts are about to start firing up.

For many, that means cleaning up the grill or deciding that it’s time for a new one. Cooking out is serious business as many families are thinking of their outdoor culinary adventures as more than simply grilling — they’re building outdoor kitchens.

Back in January, Weber Inc. unveiled its 2023 lineup and with the sales in full swing at places like Ace and Home Depot, The Rock Father Magazine is sharing a quick look at what the folks at Weber cooked up for this year. It’s a lineup that checks all the boxes for the latest trends in grilling technology. One big trend this year is adding griddles to the backyard mix, and Weber just launched its standalone 36-inch Griddle (pictured top) last week.

“Our product teams continue to push the boundaries of high-performance outdoor cooking in fuel and product categories that home cooks have just started to explore, including electric, griddle, and pellet grilling,” says Mike Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer of Weber. “To develop this year’s product portfolio, we spent hundreds of hours talking to and cooking with people to determine how our products could help them more fully enjoy coming together around the grill. As a result, this line-up redefines what’s possible when cooking outside by enabling our owners to create delicious new meal options, express their creativity, cook with greater ease, control, and predictability, and simplify clean up.”

The LUMIN Electric Grill

Weber’s new LUMIN electric grill is a highly versatile, multifunctional grill. It is designed for those with limited outdoor space and electric-first people who crave barbecue’s authentic, delicious flavors yet desire a grill that fits their lifestyle and reflects their eco-conscious fuel choices. The ultra-modern LUMIN grill features a sleek, space-efficient design, making it ideal for smaller outside areas and where other forms of grilling, such as charcoal and gas, are not permitted.

Weber Griddle Product Suite

Weber engineers leveraged their deep expertise in high-performance heat management to create full-size griddle inserts that transform SPIRIT and GENESIS gas grills into full-size griddles within seconds and Weber’s first stand-alone gas griddle.

SMOKEFIRE Sear + Wood-Fired Pellet Grill

Weber product experts continue to enhance the brand’s award-winning, direct heat-design, all-in-one SMOKEFIRE wood-fired pellet grill line, which features a broad 200-600° temperature range to allow grilling enthusiasts to sear, smoke, and everything in between.

For more details, check out Weber’s 2023 lineup right here.

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