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Following From Here to There and Dream a Little (Sueña un Poquito), bilingual children’s artist NATHALIA is back with her third full-length album, Cuando Era Pequeña (When I Was Your Age). Released this month, the Columbian-born singer/songwriter serves-up a new collection of songs witten in English and/or Spanish that directly relate to her own childhood experiences, or that of her own kids. Nathalia says that she did, indeed, drink coffee when she was little, and that her mother most certainly did chase an iguana with a broom. When I Was Your Age also includes songs about dinosaurs, math, birthdays, nightmares and more. You can preview all of her music on her official website.

When I Was Your Age

While there’s no new music video from her new album just yet, I’m sharing one off of her second album, as it’s a song that holds particular interest for the space and science obsessed Rock Daughters™ here at our house. “Los Planetas” is a great video for a fine song that should serve as a little taste of what to expect from Nathalia.

Learn more on Nathalia’s official site and Facebook page.

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