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Kindie Scene: Watch SHARKY SHARKY “Bring the Rock!”

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Last October, I introduced you to SHARKY SHARKY, a guitar-heavy Kindie (perhaps, Kindie Metal) band out of Aberdeen, Scotland. This family-friendly offshoot of UK Power Metallers, ASCENSION is back on the attack, presenting their first-ever music video… the appropriately-titled “Bring the Rock!” I approve of this mission, and that’s why I’m sharing their new video with you today. See it, and learn more of the legend of SHARKY SHARKY below!

“In the year 2013 A.D. As a result of a curse by the evil octopus King Olof, our heroic sharks have been banished from the ocean and forced to walk the Earth indefinitely. They decided to form a Rock band in order to restore order to a chaotic planet under siege from the forces of evil, though, they would later discover that it was not in fact Emperor Olof who had cursed them, but a spell performed by the Arch-Wizard of Anchorberry for the forces of good. It was his belief that in a world where music had become irrelevant, boring and dull, there is but one hope for mankind. Sharky Sharky brings new hope to the Universe!”

Their debut album, SUPER AWESOME MEGA ROCK! is out now.

Rock more at http://www.sharkysharky.co.uk/

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