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Build, Bash, Remodel! Little Tikes Kingdom Builders Launches with New Webseries, Toys at Target…


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Growing up in the 80s, kids like me were practically raised with the idea that a cool new cartoon would have an equally (if not more) awesome toy line to accompany it… and the most awesome toy lines had an equally (if not more) awesome cartoon or movie to support them. In a lot of ways it was a “chicken and the egg” scenario where we didn’t know which came first, and that really didn’t matter. Years later, those little kids grew into big kids, and we now know that many of those cartoons (G.I. Joe, He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, etc.) were designed specifically to get kids excited for the toys. Now we’ve entered the era where YouTube has taken the place of television for a whole bunch of kids, and that means that toymakers are crafting new worlds from the ground-up that take all those screens into account – placing awesome content wherever the audience may be. One of the latest and most exciting new launches for Fall 2018 is Little Tikes’ Kingdom Builders, and they’ve hit the ground running with an original series of cartoon webisodes ahead of launching a full range of toys, exclusively at Target! It’s a little bit like Game of Thrones with a dash of Clash of Clans but in a totally kid-friendly way. Check out a preview…

Geared toward kids ages 3-6, Kingdom Builders follows the armor-clad Builders and the mischievous Bashers as they embark on adventures throughout the exciting land of Buildera. From empowering creative problem solving, to building friendships and teamwork, Sir Philip and his friends must defend Hex Castle from Captain Cannonblast and the Bashers as together they BUILD, BASH, & REMODEL!

Kingdom Builders Preview

Jumping straight from the screen to the toy department, Kingdom Builders combine figural play with role-play tools that unlock a magical world of adventure. Each Builder has the ability to transform into a powerful building tool, while each Basher transformers into a mighty demolition tool.

kb prod knight min v3

Kingdom Builders will launch exclusively at Target (an affiliate of this site) in 900 stores beginning Sunday, August 26, rolling out to all stores beginning September 30th. 

Kingdom Builders:


Figures/Tools can be used on any of the Kingdom Builder Play Sets:

Did you know? Kingdom Builders is a creation of Little Tikes, part of MGA Entertainment – the company that brings you L.O.L. Surprise dolls, Ready 2 Robot, Crate Creature Surprise, Lalaloopsy, Bratz, Project Mc2 and more!

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