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Kiwi Crate and Carnegie Hall team up for a music-themed crate for kids…


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I really dig Kiwi Crate. First featured here on The Rock Father back in June and later reviewed at length, Kiwi Crate is subscription service that sends families monthly “crates” containing fun projects to do that “encourage key developmental skills, such as problem solving, creative expression, gross and fine motor skills and communication.” Everything you need for the project is included. Now comes word that a music-centric crate has been created as a joint effort between Kiwi Crate and Carnegie Hall. 

The “Making Music” Crate

The “Making Music” crate features two hands-on projects—one that invites kids to make a xylophone, the second to make rhythm bells.  These projects were designed to encourage creativity and expression.

  • With My Xylophone, children create their own xylophone with bamboo slats, rubber bands, beads, and wooden sticks and then play it, exploring and learning about music composition. Additionally, kids can easily convert the xylophone into a stringed instrument.
  • With My Rhythm Bells, children create musical cuffs out of the wooden beads that they can decorate and string together with bells. Children are encouraged to learn about dance and rhythm.

Also included is a set of Music & Sound experiment cards, designed with Carnegie Hall.   The cards encourage kids to continue making music by thinking creatively and utilizing different objects in their homes. Each card describes how an instrument is made and played, and includes an activity related to the instrument for the child to explore. For example, the violin card teaches kids how to make sounds similar to a violin by using a paper clip, long string, and a plastic or paper cup. The flute card has instructions on how to make a pan flute with drinking straws.

Current Kiwi Crate subscribers will receive the “Making Music” crate in November. Those that are new subscribers wishing to receive the “Making Music” crate can sign up via http://www.kiwicrate.com/music.


“Since many of us at Kiwi Crate have grown up appreciating and playing music, we fell in love with the idea of creating a music-themed crate. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Carnegie Hall’s team of educators to bring this to life. With their expertise, insights, and creativity, this crate is designed to get young children excited about making music; it offers fun and enriching activities that both parents and children will love!”Sandra Oh Lin, CEO and founder of Kiwi Crate.
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