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Hot Toy Alert: Distroller USA Unleashes the Neonate Babies Nerlie Koloreenies!


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Distroller USA’s Neonate Babies are one of the biggest hits of the past year here at our house. Known as Ksi-Meritos in other parts of the world, these little alien babies could be this generation’s Cabbage Patch Kid, and if you follow them at all, you may have already seen just how hard to get they can be. With a full assortment of dolls and accessories available at affordable prices, the limited-edition runs often command high secondary market value, which is why I always tell parents – if you see it and know the kids will want it, buy it now if you can! Launching TODAY (4/27/2018) at 10am  Pacific Time, there’s a new delivery from the planet of Neonatopia – a limited batch of Nerlie “Koloreenies.” They’ll be available online via the official site, or at Distroller World retail locations (Houston and San Diego). 

From the moment they splashed the colors of the rainbow all over the mountains and on themselves, Neonatopians call these special generation Nerlies the “Koloreenies!” Their new kolor and active hair folicles are extra super kolorful and bright, and they stayed that way forever!

For more on the Neonate Babies, check out our earlier review here – then check back later today when we go hands-on with the Koloreenies!

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