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KRAFT Mac & Cheese: A Tradition that Gets Better with Time…

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THE ROCK FATHER loves Mac & Cheese, so he would’ve written about KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner even if it wasn’t a sponsored post for Socialstars #Youknowyouloveit

As parents there are quite a few traditions that my wife and I have carried over from our own childhoods, putting a modern spin on them and sharing with our daughters. Most of those things could be considered more pop-cultural – the movies, the toys, the games but there aren’t many of are traditions that involve food. On the surface, that might seem a little odd, both of us coming from relatively large extended families, rooted in food-centric cultures of Italian and German heritage. Times have changed, as have tastes. And what we know about the things we eat – but one childhood tradition that we have carried on is just about as American as they come and continues to get better with age: KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner.

KRAFT Mac & Cheese

How can something like Macaroni and Cheese improve over time? It’s all about the way it’s made. In 2016, KRAFT will begin making the cheesy goodness that we all know and love with no synthetic colors or artificial preservatives. It will be the same delicious Mac & Cheese still with 9g of protein and a good source of calcium (10% DV) per one-cup serving*

*See nutritional information for sodium content.

A welcome part of nearly any meal, “The Cheesiest” is truly a family tradition that will likely live on for many generations to come, and I’m fairly confident that our girls will have no problem carrying the torch for it…

The Cheesiest...

Rock Father Approved!You know what tradition I don’t like? The strange concoction that my wife calls “Grandma’s Casserole.” Completely not-Rock Father-Approved, unlike KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese, which is 100% Rock Father-Approved!

Check out the KRAFT Mac & Cheese website for more information and inspiration. #Youknowyouloveit

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