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Why We Love Lalaloopsy: A Look at the Spring 2016 Lineup


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Lalaloopsy Brand AmbassadorI’m into my second year as a Lalaloopsy SIP (SEW Important Person) Brand Ambassador, and I might be mistaken, but I think I’m the only dad in the crew. How did I get into the world of Lalaloopsy? Quite simply, it’s The Rock Daughters™. For our first major Lala post of this season, the folks at MGA Entertainment asked us to share a little bit of background on why we collect Lalaloopsy, and for that I had to defer somewhat to Addie (6) and Finn (3)… you see, even before I was an official Ambassador, we were receiving and reviewing some new toys here and there, and between those special deliveries and the stuff we’d been buying, the collection at Rock Father HQ became sizable fairly quickly. The girls say they love Lalaloopsy for a lot of reasons: The dolls are cute/cool; the outfits are fun; they’re colorful; and they love the TV series, specials, and movies. As a parent, I like the message of friendship, and I think the toys are really well-made and fun to play with. My personal favorite doll: Strings Pick ‘N’ Strum (the guitarist!). While I expect a huge Lalaloopsy boom this Fall when the new musical series arrives on Netflix, there’s a lot of new goodies hitting stores, and we’ve got some recent additions to our collection from the Spring line.


When it comes to the different scales of Lalaloopsies, they tend to fit two distinct play patterns that we have here at home. Addie tends to like the larger “core” dolls, while Finn tends to really spend a lot of time with the Minis – which are more like action figures, which she loves. That’s not to say they don’t play with everything – because they do – but there’s definitely some preferred sizing, and everything is represented in the latest Lala’s to hit stores.

Lalaloopsy Core Dolls: Water Mellie Seeds & Bubble Smack ‘N’ Pop – The latest editions to the girls’ full-sized “core doll” collection are a pair of new characters, who join a Special Edition release of Crumbs Sugar Cookie. Crumbs is an old favorite, but this new edition pairs her with five additional baking accessories – not quite doll-sized, but more kid-sized.

Lalaloopsy friends...
From left-to-right: Crumbs Sugar Cookie (Special Edition), Bubble Smack ‘N’ Pop, Water Mellie Seeds, Royal T. Honey Stripes

The girls love her equally, but I’d say Bubble has won Addie, while Mellie has Finn’s heart. Both are creatively designed, and Water Mellie Seeds really feels Spring-y – she makes me want to get out into the garden again, and Addie even asked if we could try growing watermelons again (our last attempt was not successful). And Bubble Smack ‘N’ Pop? Her permanently-molded “bubble” is irresistible for the kids.


The new Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap collection brings some new play function to the ever-popular Minis line – with easily-swappable hair and clothing options (even super-tiny shoes!) that give kids hundreds of possibilities. We’ve got the Lalaloopsy Minis Playhouse with Exclusive Cinder Slippers,  Boutique with Suzette La Sweet, Mermaid Pack with Sand E. Starfish and Coral Sea Shells, and Spot Splatter Splash. The Playhouse is really a carrying case, which makes storing these a breeze, and the included bag with Sand E. and Coral makes for a perfect place to store all of the small clothing and accessories. 

Two other cool Spring Products that arrived later are the Lalaloopsy Mermaid: Sand E. Starfish, and the all-new Lalaloopsy Hair Dough Tress Twist ‘N’ Braid. We’ll be looking at those in the near future.

Do you collect Lalaloopsy? Share your story on social media with #MyLalaCollection, and be sure to check out the official site to see all the new toys headed your way!

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