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Let’s talk about cars. Do you remember your first car? A lot of people’s first cars are by no means glamorous, but at that age, we’re just thankful to have something to call our own that gets from point A to point B. On average, passenger cars on the road are 11.6 years old. In the car world, that’s a long time, especially when new models come out every year.

This guy got a rude awakening trying to get his beater around in the UK. During a casual patrol, police officers noticed a vehicle driving down the street at night with no headlights and a flat tire. Curious as to what on earth the driver was thinking, they pulled him over. That’s where things got even weirder.

The car was in pretty rough shape as is, but trying to imagine the police officers’ expression upon seeing the interior is priceless. The driver of the car was using a flipped over metal bucket as a seat and instead of a steering wheel, he was steering the car with vice grip pliers. They were so astonished by this feat, they stopped to take pictures and tweet the ridiculousness, not failing to mention the driver would be cited with too many offenses to name.

It definitely got some exposure on Twitter, with people making all sorts of snide, humorous comments. Among the best is someone saying the vehicle “gives a whole new meaning to the word bucket seat.”

The man driving wasn’t under the influence of any kind and simply couldn’t be bothered to get any sort of repairs to his decrepit automobile. His car was taken from him and the jury’s still out on what he’ll actually be charged with beyond astoundingly foolish, unsafe behavior and a litany of traffic violations.

“The most un-roadworthy car I’ve ever seen,” said officer Jon Parker. Hardly an understatement.

The driver wasn’t arrested, but he’s certainly going to have quite the time at his court appearance. Perhaps next time, he’ll stay on top of even the most minimal vehicle maintenance. That’s a stack of easily avoidable tickets, but, heck if it isn’t clever and cheeky.

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