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At the 115th North American International Toy Fair this year, I happened to come across the Imperial Toy booth and some of their latest offerings on the bubble front. For years Imperial’s bubbles have been a staple of outdoor play, but one new spin on the classic is something that’s been kicking around since 2015, gradually being improved and readied for its major public push. Created by a pediatrician and allergist,Lick-A-Bubble is a special solution that allows kids to create flavored bubbles from just about any drink (just stay away from dairy, pulps, and steer non-carbonated). And for the grownups, yes – you can use this with your favorite “adult beverage” – and that’s exactly how I first tried them.

Fireball Bubbles

At Toy Fair in NYC, the folks at Imperial Toy had a little bar set up – a great ice breaker, and a fine way to showcase the true power of Lick-A-Bubble. It may have only been noon, but I went straight for the Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and guess what? Cinnamon flavored bubbles were soon flying through the air. These aren’t officially being marketed toward the grownup crowd (yet), but there’s some fun possibilities here for party games and such.

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Lick A Bubble Review

Back at home, we received some samples so I was able to put these to the ultimate test – a crowd of kids at an Easter Egg hunt. While it was unseasonably cold, we mixed a variety of flavors from orange and apple juice to fruit punch, orange soda and even my personal favorite – Mountain Dew. Despite the warning the carbonated beverages don’t work particularly well with this, ours weren’t too bad – but the non-carbonated ones were better.

Lick A Bubble

While the bubble blowers are imported, Lick-A-Bubble solution is Made in the USA and has been through years of testing. Originally launched as “Bubble Lick” before being picked up by Imperial Toy for wider distribution, Lick-A-Bubble is the perfect way to make lickable bubbles from nearly any beverage in a fun, and most importantly SAFE manner.

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