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31 Days of Halloween: Life is Better in Costume – THE BATROCKFATHER Rises to Prove It…

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The Rock Father is a 2014 BuyCostumes.com #OrangeTuesday Halloween Ambassador.

Some say that “Life is Better in Costume,” and those who adhere to that mantra are, indeed, correct.  It’s fun to play dress-up, and fostering imaginative play with my girls is something that I’ve spoken of often here on THE ROCK FATHER. But you don’t have to be a kid to play dress-up, and the legions of cosplayers and casual fans that gear-up for comic-cons and special events year-round are a testament to that. And, so what if Halloween is still two weeks away? There’s nothing that says a grown man can’t hit the town dressed as Batman (just ask Ben Affleck, who’s been roaming Detroit along with Henry Cavill shooting BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE), to the surprise, delight, and in some cases, confusion of those whom he may encounter. That’s why this month, THE BATROCKFATHER BEGINS RISES.

After all, superheroes are one of 2014’s Top Costume Themes, and my friends at BuyCostumes.com have the biggest selection of costumes for the whole family. You can easily have your own version of LEGION OF DOOM or GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY…


Additional accessories in his armory include Batarangs, a Grappling Hook and a spare utility belt, all available at BuyCostumes.

And who exactly are my JUSTICE LEAGUE?


Supergirl and Wonder Woman

theywork theywork2


Batgirl Green Arrow

SPIDER-GIRL (ignore the non-continuity between DC Comics and MARVEL Comics Characters here at Rock Father HQ)


What could the future hold? Could we see THE BATROCKFATHER RETURNS…?

Stay tuned, because at Rock Father HQ, playing dress-up is a year-round thing.
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