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Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder – The Rock Father Review

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I’m always a bit cautious when a new baby product hits my radar. When products get pitched to me here at Rock Father HQ, I don’t like to just rush into a review after using the product for a short period of time… I like to live with it awhile, allowing the little ones to interact with it while making my own observations. The Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder is one such product – first hitting my radar in November.

Li’l Helper is an ergonomically-designed bottle holder that matches a baby’s natural nursing posture. This new diaper bag accessory encourages a baby to grip while nursing, allowing busy parents to multi-task if they so desire. Created by a Dad (the original prototype was fashioned from a plastic tube hanger), I was a little skeptical at first. “Do I really need this?” Honestly, I like feeding baby Finley… and having her tucked into my arms while feeding is part of the bonding and nurturing process. It was time to put the Li’l Helper to the test.
After over two months of using the Li’l Helper here at Rock Father HQ and beyond, I dig it. It’s one of those products that there’s a time for. It’s not a replacement for quality time between Daddy (or Mommy) and baby, but an assistant… or as in it’s name, a little helper. If we’re out at about and the baby needs a bottle while she’s bundled into her carrier, the Li’l Helper works out. If I’m spending some time playing with the increasingly jealous 3-year-old (blog for another day), the Li’l Helper can do just that. I’ve used the Li’l Helper at home and on the go, and it works great. It does what it’s supposed to, and that says a lot in itself.

HelperDesigned to fit most bottles, the Li’l Helper is a bit of a tight squeeze to get it onto the Avent Naturals bottles that we use, but it does work really well. Originally available in pink or blue, gender-neutral colors such as green and grey are hitting the market right now.

The Li’L Helper is Rock Father-recommended.

Learn more at http://lil-helper.com/ or like and follow on Facebook and Twitter

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