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125LOA LMR CoverWhen a band says that they’re ”releasing an EP,” seldom would you think that said EP would be delivered containing over an hour’s worth of  music. On LITTLE MIGHTY RABBIT, the first set of new LORDS OF ACID tracks in over a decade, that’s just what we get – albeit with just three original songs. The title track lives alongsideDrowning in Ecstasy and Sole Sucker as the trio of new jams from LOA mastermind Praga Khan and his new band of co-conspirators. The other 9 tracks in the 12-song collection are remixes of Little Mighty Rabbit. All of them are deliciously dirty.

If you’re easily offended or turned off by highly explicit sexual content, this is the part of the review where I invite you to close your browser. You can trust me in that you won’t want to know what cums comes next.

At the core of the LITTLE MIGHTY RABBIT EP are three distinctive points: A Sex Toy – Squirters –Foot Fetishes.

If HBO were still making episodes of REAL SEX, you can bet that some of these tracks would make it into the soundtrack

The title track, Little Mighty Rabbit is a 4-minute, 38-second, thumping and pulsating salute to the “Rabbit” Vibrator. New frontwoman DJ Mea delivers a verse vocal starting at 1:01 that perfectly captures the sound that one would expect from a LORDS OF ACID record. She’s the new Queen, and one worthy of wearing that crown. 

Drowning in Ecstasy is a banger devoted to “liquid grace,” courtesy of a woman that can “squirt like the wipers on a hot new car.” Hell, this one ends with sounds of splashes and waves.

Sole Sucker brings it’s warbling and throbbing intro to a head with funk guitar licks and electro-accents as it informs those who should have a foot fetish, that they have to gain access to Mea’s feet. Domination is the key here, as she who controls what lies within the shoes holds the power.

The remixes are always the questionable point of any release, as they’re bound to be polarizing most of the time. When it comes to Little Mighty Rabbit, the original track is tops, but there’s some interesting reworking on display here as well. The subdued and mid-tempo approach to the Tweaker mix strikes me as a favorite, while Christopher Lawrence’s straight-forward 90’s techno-style approach also delivers. Given the nine variations shown here, you can bet we’ll see some other mashers put their spin on this in the time to come.

Bottom Line: While LORDS OF ACID may have changed members and forms, LITTLE MIGHTY RABBIT is unmistakably LOA. The band is tight, the production is top-notch, and the songs are catchy as hell. With a new LP on deck for 2012, LITTLE MIGHTY RABBIT is a nasty little teaser that will leave you begging for more.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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