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macabreThere’s times I think that being from Chicago (and possibly the Midwest in general) causes a large portion of the population to graviate toward the dark side of life by default. It’s probably the same reason that so many horror films are set in Illinois. Between the mobsters, supernatural phenomena, and generally weird shit that goes on, it’s no wonder that Chicago is the home base of MACABRE.

Pumping out their twisted brand of “Murder Metal” for over a quarter century, the band returned this month with the release of GRIM SCARY TALES. Having already tackled the likes of JEFFREY DAHMER, RICHARD RAMIREZ (The Nightstalker), ED GEIN (The Plainfield Ghoul), and DAVID BERKOWITZ (Son of Sam), ‘SCARY TALES brings together a collection of the world’s most vicious mass murderers and serial killers for an audio adventure.

With “Burke and Hare,” “Countess Bathory,” “Dracula” (Vlad himself checks in on the album cover), and “Lizzie Borden” all the subject of song, one of the more intriguing numbers closes the album, that being “The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor.” A tale of German wackjob Karl Großmann, a Sweeney Todd-esque serial killer that sold meat and hot dogs containing the remains of some destitute young women, “Meat Vendor” itself sounds like a piece ripped from a rock opera. You could almost sing-a-long as they speak of “turning people into cannibals” unknowingly.

In usual MACABRE fashion, the music ranges from death metal to parody, with elements of country riffage and operatic vocals popping in on occasion. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of their vocal tomfoolery, but GRIM SCARY TALES is executed in true MACABRE fashion. It’s metal with a dark sense of humor, and you’ll either dig it or you won’t.

Rating: 3.5/5

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