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MAD MOVES Dances onto Kickstarter, heads for ABC’s THE TOY BOX…


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Season two of ABC’s The Toy Box is currently underway, and when the second episode airs this Sunday (October 8, 2017) at 7/6c, there will be two products featured that have already crossed my path here at Rock Father HQ. Joining Noochie Golf (first seen in 2013) is MAD MOVES – a new dance game created by Ashley Mady – founder and president of brand licensing agency and think tank Brandberry, Inc. Ahead of its television debut on The Toy Box, the game is available to order through a just-launched Kickstarter Campaign. With a modest goal of just $15K, MAD MOVES should have little problem blasting through that and bringing their game to the masses. Check out the pitch below!

“Like many young girls, I started dance classes at an early age and it continued as a large part of my life growing up. The idea that I could develop a game that gets people out of their chairs, moving and laughing is incredibly exciting.” Ashley Mady

Designed for ages six to 100, and three or more players, Mad Moves is easy to play, pure fun and perfect for family game night or a group of friends. Players spin and draw a corresponding category card, which include different actions, animals and people, and are used in charades style guessing games and dance battles.


Everyone will know the dance — ballet, twist, tap dance or limbo — but it’s up to the cardholder to interpret the dance with the category. No talking either! Hilarity ensues when grandma has to limbo like a zombie or your cousin has to twist like a snake!  The first person who guesses the category correctly wins the card, with the object to win the most category cards.  There are 300+ Mad Moves to create. 

Mad Moves

There are also special cards:

  • Tomato Cards are thrown when no one is able to guess what category card is being held.  In other words, the players Mad Moves need some major help! Tomato cards cancel out category cards; you don’t want them!
  • Freeze Dance cards keep players on their toes. If you pick one up, you must strike a pose and scream ‘freeze dance’! The last person to mimic you and freeze in your pose gets a tomato!
  • Dance Battle cards catapult game play into a memory competition that goes back and forth. First, pick a person to battle. Do a move and the person you are battling copies the first move and adds one more; then you add a third move, and so on.  It continues until someone messes up. Moves should correspond to the theme of the card you pick up Ex: Dance Battle like a Cowboy could include riding a horse, lasso swinging, gun shooting, etc.

There’s also a Midnight Spinner, sold separately, to take the dance party to the next level of hilarity. This spinner includes: booty dance, belly dance, breakdance, shimmy and dance battle.

Mad Moves Team

Mady began her career at one of the largest toy companies in the industry, working on hit properties and proprietary brands. As an agent, she has succeeded in reinvigorating and brokering deals for established brands and entertainment properties. She has also built/launched countless new brands and creations from the ground up. To give back to the industry, she serves as President of Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WIT), the global networking organization for professional women working in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries.  Mad Moves marks Mady’s first kickstarter campaign.

Mad Moves is igniting a dance party across social media with fans posting laugh-out-loud concoctions!  Follow Mad Moves online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and www.mymadmoves.com

Mad Moves - The Toy Box

See MAD MOVES on ABC’s The Toy Box 

Week Two Contestants include: 

  • Furry Friends – a musical adaptation of classic stuffed animals that will sing and dance to different music genres at the press of a button. Inventor: Lisa from New York, New York
  • Noochie Golf – a re-adjustable, portable miniature golf set that can customized into 25 different courses. Inventors: JoAnn, Sal, Dominic and Tre from Phoenix, Arizona
  • Mad Moves – a dance game where players are given unique combinations to act out and are challenged to guess what the other players are attempting to dance. Inventor: Ashley from Del Rey, Florida
  • The Bloom – a robotic flower that blossoms and changes colors as the player concentrates. Inventor: Steve from San Francisco, California
  • Water Bugs – a water-splashing, bug-squatting multiplayer game. Inventor: Roger from Hampton, CT
  • CLICKEYBits – a pocket-sized fidget toy made with keyboard keys. Inventor: Shep from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
  • Monster Dice – a board game where players race to have their monster dice eat the most candy as fast as possible. Inventor: Brian from Erie, Pennsylvania

MAD MOVES - The Toy Box

Following the season finale in November, one grand prize winner will have their toy produced by Mattel to be sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us. Stay tuned for more!

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