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Disney, Hasbro and Target Launch MARVEL RISING product line Ahead of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors!


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The “action dolls” category just got a surprise addition – MARVEL RISING. Hasbro announced a new collaboration with Disney and Marvel for a nationwide rollout at Target stores for the new collection of 11″ dolls and companion role play items. The animated Marvel Rising: Initiation shorts are currently available on Disney XD and Marvel HQ on Youtube, and the feature-length film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors will premiere on Disney Channel and Disney XD on September 30th (see the new trailer here). The new toys feature Marvel’s next generation of Super Heroes including Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake, Patriot, American Chavez, Ghost-Spider, and more. These look great, and if you’ve seen Hasbro’s recent line of Descendants dolls, these look very much in line with that… and there’s also some fantastic apparel, Halloween costumes and walkie talkies in the mix. Check ’em out…


MARVEL RISING – The Official Announcement:

Even Super Heroes have to make curfew! In the world of MARVEL RISING, super-powered kids balance their ordinary lives with their extraordinary ones to discover that their greatest powers lie within! Strong on their own, but even stronger as a team, these super teens use their unique skills and experiences to unlock their potential and find the confidence to better the world! With MARVEL RISING, heroes like GHOST-SPIDER, SQUIRREL GIRL, AND MS. MARVEL ignite their inner power and team up to protect the world. With Marvel Rising, the mission is clear: Stand Out. Rise Together!

HASBRO is teaming up with MARVEL and DISNEY to launch MARVEL RISING, a new line of MARVEL toys inspired by the Marvel Rising entertainment, where a diverse team of everyday teens utilizes their secret super powers to change the world and rise to their full potential! This dynamic line includes 11-inch-scale dolls that feature multiple points of articulation, soft goods, rooted hair, and super hero, training and civilian outfits. Kids can also recreate awesome adventures with innovative role play gear such as the GHOST-SPIDER WEB SLINGER!

New MARVEL RISING products for 2018 include:

MARVEL RISING SECRET WARRIORS Training Outfit Doll Assortment

(HASBRO/Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $12.99/Available: October 2018)


Kids can imagine their favorite heroes practicing their super-skills with the HEROES IN TRAINING figure assortment! Each 11-inch scale figure comes ready to practice in their training outfits with soft goods clothing and rooted hair. Features 5 points of articulation for heroic poses. Characters include MS. MARVEL, AMERICA CHAVEZ, DAISY JOHNSON (MARVEL’S QUAKE), and DANTE PERTUZ (INFERNO). Each figure sold separately. 


(HASBRO/Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: October 2018)

Kids can recreate amazing team adventures with MARVEL RISING SECRET WARRIORS figures! Each 11-inch-scale figure comes ready for super-powered action in their Super Hero fashions with soft goods clothing and rooted hair. Features 15 points of articulation for great poseability. Characters include MS. MARVEL, SQUIRREL GIRL, AMERICA CHAVEZ, GHOST-SPIDER, DAISY JOHNSON (MARVEL’S QUAKE) and MARVEL’S PATRIOT. 



(HASBRO/Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: October 2018)

Imagine balancing everyday life with Super Hero missions like GWEN STACY (GHOST-SPIDER) and DAISY JOHNSON’S (MARVEL’S Q seven accessories. 



(HASBRO/Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: October 2018)

Comic book creator and squirrel-lover extraordinaire DOREEN GREEN jumps and runs like her favorite bushy- tailed friends as the tree-loving hero, SQUIRREL GIRL! Imagine DOREEN GREEN balancing her everyday life and Super Hero life with this MARVEL RISING SECRET IDENTITY Doll, featuring multiple points of articulation, soft goods fashions, and rooted hair. 



(HASBRO/Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: October 2018)


Imagine slinging webs like GHOST-SPIDER with this awesome WEB SLINGER! Includes fabric glove featuring Ghost-Spider design, gauntlet, 3.7 ounce can of web fluid, and water canister. Compatible with standard SPIDER-MAN web fluid refill cans, sold separately. Available at Target, Disney Stores, and on HasbroToyShop.com.UAKE) with these SECRET IDENTITY figures. Each pack comes with an 11-inch-scale figure and two signature outfits with soft goods clothing and rooted hair. Each figure features 11 points of articulation for fierce action poses. 


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