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First-Look: Entertainment Earth’s Exclusive MEZCO Space Ghost Glow-in-the-Dark One:12 Collective Action Figure


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Last week, news hit the web that the folks over at MEZCO Toyz would be releasing a 1:12-scale Space Ghost figure as part of their One:12 Collective Line, a collection of highly-articulated and detailed figures that come with costumes made of real cloth, and an abundance of interchangeable accessories.  Having enjoyed Space Ghost over the years, from the USA Cartoon Express airings of Hanna-Barbera classics in the 80s right through SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST in the 90s & 00s (somewhere I have an autographed picture of George Lowe), I’ve followed his adventures, and each Holiday season our Xmas tree is adorned with a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament of Space Ghost in all of his glory. MEZCO’s new figure indeed piqued my interest, but today I get to share some news that takes that figure a step further – word that my friends at Entertainment Earth will be offering an Exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Edition One:12 Collective Space Ghost! This figure comes with an also-glow-in-the-dark Blip the Monkey and is up for pre-order now. Check out all the details…

“Patrolling the known galaxies in his ship, the Phantom Cruiser, intergalactic crime-fighter Space Ghost uses his Power Bands and Teleportation Belt to deploy righteous justice across the cosmos!”

MEZCO TOYZ Space Ghost One:12 Collective Glow-in-the-Dark Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Space Ghost Glow-in-the-Dark One:12 Collective Action Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

  • Exclusive Space Ghost action figure glows in the dark!
  • The intergalactic crime-fighter comes with Blip the monkey!
  • Features interchangeable heads and hands, 32 points of articulation, and incredible costume detailing.
  • Includes Force Ray, Freeze Ray, Destroyer Ray, and Magna Ray accessories.

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Mezco’s Space Ghost Glow-in-the-Dark One:12 Collective Action Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive features over 32 articulation points, intricate sculptural work, incredible costume detailing, and tons of accessories for an iconic classic vision with a real-world look. But that’s not all. Space Ghost comes with his trusted companion, Blip the monkey, who also boasts an exceptionally realistic sculpt and more than 10 points of articulation. Perhaps best of all, this exclusive version of Space Ghost actually glows in the dark! Whether you’re a fan of the classic 1960s cartoon or Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, or you know him as Thaddeus “Tad” Ghostal or Thaddeus Bach, this Space Ghost Glow-in-the-Dark One:12 Collective Action Figure is a must for your collection.

Included Accessories:
  • – Blip the monkey
  • – Alternate head
  • – Fists (L & R)
  • – Flying hands (L & R)
  • – Power Band button-pushing hands (L & R)
  • – Posing hands (L & R)
  • – Force Ray hands (L & R)
  • – Freeze Ray accessory (fits over hand)
  • – Destroyer Ray accessory (fits over hand)
  • – Magna Ray accessories (fit over L&R hands)
  • – Display base with posing post

Like what you see? Get in on the action and pre-order yours today!

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