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Keeping up Defenses for Mid-Winter Adventures…

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THE ROCK FATHER has created this post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are that of James Zahn. #ZicamCrowd

Passing the midway mark in February is always a weird thing when it comes to my overall mood. It’s that mid-winter time when you can tell that spring is lurking in the distance (regardless what that jerk, Punxsutawney Phil says), and soon things will brighten up. What bothers me most is the gloom that tends to hang high above the bridge between February and March, and as someone that prides himself on a well-manicured lawn and landscape, seeing the grass matted down, brown, dry, and looking like debris-infested straw is just depressing. Everything needs to be cleaned-up, but I just know that there’s another blast of snow (or two) still yet to come, as the temperature continues to swing between sub-zero and the fifties as erratic as an off-balance washing machine. One thing that breaks the gloom is an adventure, and whether it be more travel, or simply some big events close to home, one thing that can really put a damper on things is a cold. Yes, a cold… that looming enemy that’s always chasing me, and forever seeking a fight. My arsenal must be ready. 

Cold outside, but 84° inside when we did this last week. 

For the first time in four or five years, I’ve taken February off from interstate travel, but while their aren’t any planes this month, I’ve encountered plenty of people at events here in Illinois. A school dance… an auto show… a “staycation” to a local waterpark… there’s plenty of opportunity to break free of mid-winter gloom, but that also means plenty of opportunity to catch a cold. With that in mind and my family counting on me, as usual, I’m rockin’ the Zicam®.


For this month’s adventures Zicam® Cold Remedy Rapidmelts are in my backpack, specifically, the 25ct. Citrus-flavored variety. These homeopathic, quick-dissolve tablets can be taken without water at the first sign of a cold. Taking one every 3-hours as needed can help you “get your better back™ faster – moving from “pre-cold” (itchy nose, body aches, runny nose) to no-cold quicker. This is important for many reasons, but for me there’s a big one: my wife yells at me if I get a cold. It’s true!

Rock Father Tip: When taking the kids to a country hoedown, don’t try to wear their hats.

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