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MM25: MEGA MAN ROCKS Compilation Album on the Way…


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MEGA MAN is 25 years old. Let that one sink in for a minute. Sumthing Music Works just hit The Rock Father with the full details on MM25: MEGA MAN ROCKS, a new, 18-track collection featuring songs inspired by the MEGA MAN franchise, and performed by MEGA MAN fan-favorite bands including THE PROTOMEN, THE MEGAS, X-HUNTERS, MEGA RAN, BIT BRIGADE, and ARM CANNON. Check out the tracklisting below…

MM25: Mega Man Rocks will feature tracks from each of the participating artists:
“Built To Last” (New Original Song)
“The Will Of One”
“Breaking Out”
“The Quick and The Blue” (Quickman from Mega Man® 2)
“Promise of Redemption” (Bubbleman from Mega Man 2)
“Can’t Stop The Top” (Top Man from Mega Man 2)
All new recordings featuring Mega Man samples
MM9 Medley” (Plug Man, Wily Stage 2, Splash Woman, and Wily Machine 2)
“X-Hunters Stage” (X-Hunter Stages 1 + 2 (X2) and Gates Laboratory (X6))
“X vs Zero” (Zero’s theme from Mega Man® X2)
“Wily” (Dr. Wily Stage from Mega Man® 2)
“Splash” (Splash Woman from Mega Man® 9)
“20XX” (Intro Stage from Mega Man® X) (New Song)
Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wily Stage 1″ (Mega Man® 2)
Mega Man 2 – Air Man Stage” (Mega Man 2)
“Full Outro” (Mega Man 2)
“Mangnet Mang” (Mega Man® 3)
“Hi, I’m Mark Spandrill” (Spark Man theme/Spark Mandrill theme from Mega Man 3/Mega Man X)
“Borrow Mega Nuke” (Boomer Kuwanger theme from Mega Man X)
MM25: MEGA MAN ROCKS will be available October 29th from Sumthing and digital retailers everywhere.
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