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Modern Retro: BIG TRAK returns as the bigtrack XTR


This article is more than 12 years old and may not have been updated since our last site redesign. It may contain outdated information or could be missing images.

I was one of a great many kids that had and loved BIG TRAK back in the early 1980’s. Released in 1979 by Milton-Bradley under their MB Electronics banner, the robotic vehicle was ahead of it’s time. Slightly cumbersome in it’s programmable ways, the dark grey (UK versions were white) space truck had an optional trailer – which I also had. I can still remember laying down on the ground behind the Big Trak, programming it’s path and awaiting the mesmerizing blue ”photon blast” from it’s on-board ”laser” light (see a non-embedabble commercial here). Like most of my childhood playthings, Big Trak eventually wound up on a garage sale or something, likely scooped up by the same shifty-looking characters that also got my STAR WARS figures and everything else. The same guys that are probably still selling the stuff on eBay over 30 years later.

Back in 2010, I’d heard that a company called ZEON TECH had begun making replicas of the famed six-wheeled robot, slightly altering the name to bigtrak. Being based in the UK, they went with the “white” colour (<---uk style) scheme, and ended up doing a mini version as well, dubbing it the bigtrack jr.

Now, for 2012 – the whole operation is getting an upgrade with the bigtrack XTR.


Here’s what they have to say about it…

After the huge success of the 2010 Bigtrak, we thought what would Bigtrak be like if it was brand new today?

So, we went back to the drawing board and designed a new modern Bigtrak – and named it XTR which stands for eXra Technology Rover.

We have retained the DNA from the original Bigtrak and have given it a design refresh. We have not stopped there – XTR is packed full of exciting new technology!

Take control of XTR using your smartphone, computer or the onboard keypad. Add accessories such as the wireless camera, missile launcher or IR gun to expand XTR’s capabilities. We have designed 2 accessory ports so XTR can be expanded to the max!

The only limit to XTR is your imagination.

Due for release in 2012 – you will not be disappointed!” 

While I’ve been tempted to reclaim some Big Trak action by sniping eBay for one like I had way back when, I have to say that this modern version has got my interest piqued. I wonder what my daughter would think of a bigtrak XTR?

Learn more: http://www.bigtrakisback.com/xtr-coming-soon/ 

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