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I’m not exactly the most fashionable guy, and that’s something that I’ve been known to admit on an increasingly frequent occasion. When it comes to just about anything, I’m more interested in solving a problem… accomplishing a task and making sure that things do what they claim to do. I get pitched a lot of products here at Rock Father HQ and what you see in the midst of these virtual pages is just a tiny percentage of what comes in. Tech and fashion share a lot in common in that a lot of the pitches that come in just don’t serve any real purpose – they’re just more… stuff. And when it comes to the ever-growing world of phone accessories, much like fashion designers always seem to be borrowing “inspiration” from someone or somewhere else, I don’t see a lot of innovation and that bores me to the point of losing interest, hence I don’t cover a lot of it. There are exceptions, and one recent product that arrived here for review and cut through the clutter is Monet. So what exactly is a Monet? 

Monet Brand Review

A Monet is a slim-fitting wallet, kickstand and grip for your smartphone. It accomplishes three tasks in one stylish and easy-to-use accessory. With dimensions just slightly larger than that of a credit card, the Monet is constructed of a leather (or leather-like) material that includes a metal-riveted sliding plastic grip that doubles as the kickstand. Each Monet arrives in a nice-looking box, and each is adhesive-backed for easy application to nearly any smartphone. Black tends to be my color, so my “Black Night” Monet is placed upon the black Otterbox on my iPhone while my wife’s “Colored Mixed Letters” Monet fit perfectly atop her Speck clear case. 

Monet Brand Phone Wallet Review

When you’re traveling light, the Monet allows for an ID and credit card to be held tightly within. You could also use the dual slots for cash or business cards, but the name of the game here is keeping the profile slim. The kickstand works well while using your phone to watch videos, while the grip is great for stabilizing selfies or… imagine this… actually making a phone call!


For a lot of people, upping the selfie game might be a big draw here. In fact, when the recently-viral “Selfie Kid” Ryan McKenna was reunited with Justin Timberlake for another go (Ryan became the Selfie Kid after scoring his famous Halftime Show selfie with JT at the Super Bowl) thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, he was rockin’ a Monet. Since that time, the Monet has been a regular fixture for McKenna’s growing selfie-taking endeavors, in addition to popping-up as a must-have accessory for other Instagrammers like Scott Disick, DarthLux, Jena Frumes, Lindsey Pelas, Stephanie Ann Shepherd and others.


The Monet is available in a wide-array of colors and patterns (30 as of this writing) directly through the Monet Brand website. If you’re an Amazon shopper, a smaller selection is available now through Amazon (an associate of this site). 

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