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Mother’s Day Contest: Latte Romeo wishes to know if you, too are a #LatteRomeo? There’s $500 on the line…

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Latte Romeo knows the rock and the roll. Latte Romeo knows the hot and the steamy. Latte Romeo likes to talk in, how you say? Oh yes, the “third-person.” For Mother’s Day, Latte Romeo knows what the special mother in your life would like… and Latte Romeo will teach you how to give it to her.  This is why Starbucks and Life of Dad have delivered coffee and ducats to The Rock Father Latte Romeo in exchange for his services as a Starbucks Ambassador to the world.

This Mother’s Day, nothing says “I Love You” more that a hot and steamy Starbucks VIA Latte, delivered by Latte Romeo. But the question is, are you a Latte Romeo? Because it is I that am the true Latte Romeo, but if you think you can do it better, then it is possible for you to win $500 from Starbucks VIA during the Latte Romeo Mother’s Day Video Contest.  All you have to do is craft a 15-second Instagram video that proves your Latte Romeo prowess… but not better than me, so I can win the $500, ok?



Involve your children – and let them make their mother a very special breakfast, and then top it off with a special treat that she’ll never forget (Starbucks VIA Latte)!

To enter the contest you must:

Create an Instagram video of the morning surprise that features the Starbucks Latte. The video length for Instagram is only 15 seconds, so pack in as much awesome as you can. (All videos must contain a visual of the Starbucks VIA® Latte logo and/or mention “Starbucks VIA® Latte” in video.)

STARBUCKS will choose the winners on the basis of:
  • creativity of presentation (30%)
  • adherence to cheerful, uplifting theme (40%)
  • Starbucks story/coffee involvement (30%)

**Be sure to join us for the #LatteRomeo Twitter party on May 9th at 1pm (EST) to learn more about STARBUCKS VIA® LATTE and win some great prizes.

Now, go forth and be a Starbucks VIA® #LatteRomeo!

Click here for the full official rules

Further Disclosure: As noted above, this is a sponsored post, in conjunction with Starbucks and Life of Dad, LLC. Latte Romeo was provided with samples packets of Starbucks VIA® Latte, and THE ROCK FATHER was well compensated for participating in this promotion.

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