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Netflix Family TV: Three New Offerings to Watch Right Now, and More Coming Soon…

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Netflix #StreamTeamIf you’ve been following my adventures over these past few months, you may have already seen some of my reporting on the Family TV “Co-Viewing” initiatives that my friends at Netflix have been rolling out. While shows like FULLER HOUSE have gotten a big push already this year, the seeds were planted awhile ago, and one of last year’s surprises is coming back, with two new seasons of MGA’s Netflix Original Series, Project Mc2 on-deck. The Daytime Emmy-nominated series has shown girls around the world that Smart is the New Cool, and season 2 will premiere worldwide Friday, August 12, followed by Season 3, which will be available in fall 2016. So how about something fresh to watch in the meantime? Here’s a few Rock Father-approved choices to check out right now…

DANGER MOUSE: Season One – Debuting April 29th, this reboot of the 1980s spy series has been on my radar for ages now, and with it finally here, you can bet we’re watching on day one. The original British series ran for over a decade both in its homeland, and here in the ‘States. Following the pattern, this reimagining first made it’s debut in the UK last year, winning audiences before coming Stateside for some James Bond-style spy adventures. This is also the same series that gave us COUNT DUCKULA. Now, will Jazwares bring their new DANGER MOUSE toys to the U.S.? That’s my next question…

LOST AND FOUND MUSIC STUDIOS: Season One – Whenever I see kids rockin’ out on television in a sort of “assembled” band, I think about the original run of KIDS Incorporated… circa 1984. Here we have a Canadian import that’s making a Global splash, and it’s a series that might appeal to an audience that skews slightly younger than the tween/teen crowd it’s intended to. The basic gist: kids find their musical identities in a special music program, with the best students mounting a full-scale tour.

KONG: KING OF THE APES – The wild card of my picks this time around, I just think that the children of 2016 need to learn some respect for giant monsters. And robots. Set in the future, you’ve got King Kong fighting robotically-enhanced dinosaurs that look like they’re wearing Dino Riders cosplay – and the action happens around San Francisco. Will audiences get behind it? I have no idea, but I’m in on concept alone.

BONUS ROUND: I’ve already posted this, but on that “giant robot” note, get the kids ready for VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER! This update of the 1980s classic hits Netflix on June 10th…

THE ROCK FATHER is a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, delivering news, features and opinions about great streaming content. 

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