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Fact: I have never placed a bet on a sporting event, and unless I happen to pull a Marty McFly and head back to the future for a copy of the Grays Sports Almanac, I never will. I’ll also never place a bet on a pop culture event, but as recent years have shown, handicapping movies and tv has become a big business, and people will throw their money at anything. That said, I do love to speculate when it comes to the events of a galaxy far, far away, and this morning an email landed here at Rock Father HQ with some predictions from Jim Murphy – an oddsmaker, sportsbook consultant and handicapping theorist – who had some thoughts on STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI… specifically, who will become “one with The Force” first.

According to Jim, “Luke Skywalker, Maz Kanata and General Hux are favored to die first in the film at an implied probability of 40%, 28.57% and 23.53% respectively.” Here’s some of his other predicitions…

First Character to Die in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

+/- American Odds (Fraction Odds)
  • Luke Skywalker: +150 (3/2)
  • Maz Kanata: +250 (5/2)
  • General Hux: +325 (13/4)
  • Captain Phasma: +900 (9/1)
  • Kylo Ren: +1500 (15/1)
  • Supreme Leader Snoke: +2250 (45/2)
  • Admiral Ackbar: +4000 (40/1)
  • Chewbacca: +4500 (45/1)
  • Rey: +5000 (50/1)
  • R2-D2: +5000 (50/1)
  • C-3PO: +5000 (50/1)
  • Poe Dameron: +6000 (60/1)

Again, because people will wager on anything, Jim has some other predictions for THE LAST JEDI as well, particularly related to box office performance. See the full list at Sports Betting Experts. 

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