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Around the beginning of the 21st Century, Los Angeles rockers EARSHOT were rising stars in a crowded pack. With a pair of albums released by Warner Bros. (2002’s LETTING GO and 2004’s TWO), the band scored a placement on the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED soundtrack, had gamers feeling the groove on MADDEN 2005 and WWE’s LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II, and logged major tours with the likes of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, KID ROCK and STAIND. Then, just as many artists of the era did, they found themselves in label-limbo after the big industry crash, only to re-emerge with THE SILVER LINING in 2008 via Fontana/Universal. In the years since, many things have changed, and “change” is a good thing to have in mind when considering AFTERMATH, a new 5-song “Mini-LP” that marks the first new music from EARSHOT in over five years, following a single release back in 2009. Headed-up by EARSHOT vocalist and songwriter Wil Martin with production by Sam Hughes, AFTERMATH is out today, and for a limited-time (through April 20), readers of THE ROCK FATHER can get the whole thing for just a buck! Details and promo code below…

“I’m fascinated by human behavior, and how people deal with life’s challenges. But what’s really special to me about this album is how it developed over time and into the concept record of a process I think a lot of people can relate to.Wil Martin
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“Admittedly, each song was written and inspired by various emotional and psychological struggles that people go through, that I’ve gone through as well. When the songs were done, and the tracks were put together, the sequence of the album all of the sudden made perfect sense as to what this record was all about. It became an account of the emotive challenges that people face, particularly when relationships end, and how everyone goes through the same, or similar, stream of consciousness, whether we realize it or not – from it being over, to it completely falling apart – the ‘Aftermath.’”Wil Martin

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