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nitro rev2There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of NITROMINDS. The Brazilian trio has been cranking out music with an old-school punk vibe since the mid-90’s, and while known in their homeland and having toured Europe extensively, they’ve never really made a huge splash here in the ‘States. Earlier this spring, the band released KILL EMO ALL – a full album of cover tunes that despite bearing a METALLICA-inspired title and artwork, contains no Metallica cover. What you will find, however is a stellar set that manages to pay tribute to SACRED REICH, DOWN BY LAW, PENNYWISE, and more. Intrigued yet?
These guys manage to pay tribute to their heroes properly, putting their spin on the songs without butchering them into embarrassment like so many tend to do. In fact, they’ve actually gotten props from members of the bands they’ve covered including NUCLEAR ASSAULT and BAMBIX.

Standout Tracks include their versions of “Surf Nicaragua” (SACRED REICH), “All American” (DOWN BY LAW), “Shut Up” (DRI), and “Something I Learned Today” (HUSKER DU).

The sixteen covers presented here not only rock, but they’re all fun.

If you want to grab a copy of KILL EMO ALL, it’s not for sale. It’s FREE. Head over to the NITROMINDS MySpace Page and Download the full album for the price of pocket lint!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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