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Pickup Pride: Should the Pickup Truck be Named “Official Vehicle of the United States?”

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There have been a lot of strange petitions over the years, and per the guidelines, any petition toward The White House that garners 100,000 signatures or more will require an official response. It wasn’t that long ago that the Obama Administration had to formally announce that they would not be building a full-scale functional Death Star based on the iconic battle station seen in Star Wars. Now comes something a little more realistic, but still potentially divisive… if the United States of America had an Official Vehicle, should it be the pickup truck?

Pickup Pride is a new campaign from the folks at Shell ROTELLA®, and they’ve officially filed a petition with The White House to name the pickup truck “The Official Vehicle of the United States of America.” 

As of this writing, the petition only has 105 signatures of the 100,000 that are needed by November 3 to garner a response. Indeed, the pickup truck has done a lot for America, but I think the “Official Vehicle” designation might inspire some debate. 

Check out the Shell ROTELLA site for more.

Pictured Top: A modified pickup truck from Tommy Pike Customs. Photo provided by Shell.

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