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PEG + CAT: PBS KIDS presents Peg and Cat’s Really Big Album (plus DVD news)!

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THE ROCK FATHER is a 2014 PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent)PEG + CAT has been a fixture at Rock Father HQ even before it was released, my first experience with the math-based PBS KIDS series coming last May, when I met with creators Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson at the PBS Annual Meeting. Since that time, families have come to love PEG + CAT, and it was only a matter of time until this animated duo were given the proper musical treatment. PBS KIDS presents Peg and Cat’s Really Big Album has just hit Amazon and iTunes (with a very BEATLES, Sgt. Pepper’s-inspired cover), joining recent releases from DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD in the PBS KIDS music library, and setting the stage for further releases in the months ahead.

“Music can be a powerful tool in helping children build critical skills for success in school and in life, and it is a central part of PEG + CAT. The songs on ‘Peg and Cat’s Really Big Album’ introduce foundational math and problem-solving skills in a fun and developmentally appropriate way, while engaging the whole family.”Sara DeWitt, Vice President, PBS KIDS Digital

Additionally, pre-orders have just gone live for the first-ever PEG + CAT DVD, THE CHICKEN PROBLEM AND OTHER BIG PROBLEMS, which will be available on September 9 from PBS Distribution.

pegalbumPeg and Cat’s Really Big Album – Tracklisting:
  1. “Peg + Cat Theme Song”
  2. “Pickin’ Up Chickens”
  3. “100 Is One Zero Zero”
  4. “Sorty Sort Sort”
  5. “I Like Circles ’Cause They’re Round”
  6. “Magic Cylinder”
  7. “4 + 1 = 5 Lullaby”
  8. “Nineteen Twenty Yoww!”
  9. “Add One”
  10. “Ten Friends”
  11. “Stick on the Line”
  12. “Measure in Me’s”
  13. “You Can Count on Me”
  14. “Do It Like He Drew It”
  15. “Short Short Short Long”
  16. “Over Under In-between”
  17. “More Than Less Than”
  18. “Jump in a Lake”
  19. “Mr. Baby Fox”
  20. “I’m Spherical”
  21. “Halloween Night”
  22. “Problem Solved”

Funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education and CPB, PEG + CAT is part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and PBS Ready To Learn Initiative. Ready To Learn is a federal program that supports the development of innovative educational television and digital media targeted at preschool and early elementary school children and their families.

Peg and Cat’s Really Big Album is part of PBS KIDS’ ongoing commitment to provide educational content for kids wherever they live, learn and play – on TV, online, on mobile devices, in the classroom and through educational toys and music.

THE ROCK FATHER is proud to be a PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent)

Stock up on PEG + CAT via (my affiliate) Amazon:



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