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A baby food company wants you to get it on. Indeed, more of that can equal more mouths to feed in the long run, so it makes good business sense to encourage said activity. This is something I know well, as I’ve often joked to my wife that my entire current career path is completely based on the fact that we got it on at some point back in 2008, the end result being the birth of our first daughter in 2009, and thus, my being dubbed “The Rock Father.” This site… these words… they wouldn’t exist had it not been for my prowess, probably on a couch or something. Turns out, that’s not completely the point of Plum Organics’ Do Your Part(ner) campaign. Check this out…

For the past couple of years, Plum Organics has been encouraging “an unfiltered conversation around the realities of parenting – from work-life balance to diaper blowouts to picky eating.” Launched earlier this month (Valentine’s Day, and all), Do Your Part(ner) takes things to the next level by tackling parenting and relationships through research-confirmed stats that show that the majority (88%) of parents think having a good sex life with their partner is essential to their family’s happiness. Yet, for nearly half of millennial parents, it’s at the bottom of the list on busy days1. (And aren’t they all busy days?) So, what does this have to do with baby food? Plum Organics believes that a healthy relationship between parents is important for the entire family. It’s a topic personal to them because they’re a brand by parents, for parents.

“Our Do Your Part(ner) campaign uses humor to empower parents to prioritize their relationships and make time for each other year-round, not just on Valentine’s Day,” said Ben Mand, dad and senior vice president of brand marketing and innovation at Plum Organics. “As a baby food brand, we’re also not shy in acknowledging that more quality time between parents might just lead to a few more babies for us to feed.”

I’m going to agree with Ben here and say, “get it on!” Seriously, there’s always new parents, and that means there’s always a stream of new families discovering what I’m doing here at THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine. In order to have more “families that rock,” we need more non-parents doin’ some “rockin’,” if you catch my drift.

Check out Plum Organics’ site, and take the #DoYourPartner pledge at

1 Wakefield Research survey conducted between January 13 2017 and January 19 2017 among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. parents ages 18+. Survey sponsored by Plum Organics

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