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POOP TALK: From Poopeez to Flush Force, Doggie Doo to Don’t Step In It, The Sklar Brothers talk 2018’s Hottest Toy Trend…


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Poop Talk

Comedy Dynamics & Party of 7 Entertinment’s new docu-comedy Poop Talk is an open and honest look at a taboo topic in today’s society. It’s an inside look at all things poop — from uncensored, embarrassing moments to scientific explanations recounted by 50 experts and comedians including Kumail Nanjiani, Nicole Byer, Adam Carolla, Rob Corddry, Nikki Glaser, Pete Holmes, Eric Stonestreet, Randy and Jason Sklar, Nick Swardson, Dr. Drew Pinsky and many others. To celebrate its release in select theaters, VOD and Digital HD, as the second part of a two-part interview (read part one hereThe Rock Father™ invited The Sklar Brothers (executive producers of the film, in addition to cast and parents) to share some thoughts on some new offerings from one of 2018’s hottest trends in play – poop toys. It’s a rapid-fire look at some of the crappiest playthings that kids will want this year, and we mean that as a compliment.

James Zahn (The Rock Father™): The 115th North American International Toy Fair gets started in New York City the same weekend that Poop Talk is released. While there will be a ton of new poop toys on display there, at the same time, the battle for poop supremacy is hitting toy aisles, and at the front of that war are Basic Fun’s Poopeez and Spin Master’s Flush Force. I spotted them side-by-side at Target, but it goes beyond toys. When we were kids it was the norm that toy lines would be backed by a TV series, comic or movie, but now it’s all about the webseries. Poopeez is out of the gate with theirs, but it’s actually the toy commercial that I love the most…

The Sklar Brothers: Love how the commercial! Even though it’s talking about poop-related figurines, it still uses that bad generic ska music like every other toy commercial.  Honestly, if you told us this was an SNL parody, we would have believed you.  Silent but Deadly is our favorite figure out of the bunch!

James:  As I mentioned before, Flush Force recalls something you were involved with some years back – the Toxic Avenger (which also had a toy line). Here we have not just “poop,” but a variety of items that were “flushed and forgotten,” only to return for round two…

The Sklar Brothers: Love the random fart sounds that occur throughout this commercial.  Like the toilet itself is farting up these creatures.  Honestly, we aren’t fans of the Flush Force using excessive force when they flush.  I would feel more comfortable if they all wore body cams as well.  We don’t really trust these guys as far as we can flush them but the use of the phrase, “Potty Party” definitely roped us in, not gonna lie.

James: Last summer brought forth a preview of things to come with The Emoji Movie. While it wasn’t necessarily the first thing that people would’ve expected to be toy-centric (after all, the Emojis live in our phones), Just Play released some action figures and plush. I’ve heard that one of the most popular was Poop, voiced by Patrick Stewart…

The Sklar Brothers: We once saw Patrick Stewart live in Ann Arbor, Michigan as the lead in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Yet his role as the voice of Poop with his son #2 may be his most challenging role to date.  He lends and Elizabethan credibility to the film, a gravitas to the character and a pathos that most poops lack.  There’s a reason you call him Sir Patrick Stewart and not just Pat.  

James: Poo-nicorns are an interesting beast. Legend has it that a poop-shaped asteroid hit a planet filled with unicorns, and rather than seeing them go the way of the dinosaur, instead they were reborn as Poo-nicorns as their planet was terraformed into Poo-nicornicopia…

Randy Sklar: What you have to worry about with Poo-nicorns is the fact that the idea of a poo coming out of you with a horn on it is about the scariest thing we can think of. You think you know what rectal fissures are but you don’t know shit if you haven’t come in contact with a Poo-nicorn.  My daughters love all things unicorns, so the Poo-nicorn is the way to my kid’s hearts, through poo.  Slap rainbows and horns on anything and my girls are IN.

James: On that note, your daughters and mine have a few things in common, but this unicorn poop thing doesn’t stop here. In Poop Talk, there’s a couple mentions of the advertising for the Squatty Potty, one of which is the famous unicorn that poops rainbow-colored soft-serve – you even show a clip of it. I don’t know that they’ve openly admitted it as an influence, by JAKKS Pacific released a Unicone Ice Cream Maker last year.

Randy: I have to say that you can introduce any difficult subject by way of a unicorn.  My daughters are now 10 and 12 and still believe in unicorns and subscribe to anything unicorns espouse.  It would suck if unicorns unilaterally were anti-climate change because then we’d be in a fight with my daughters about the effects of greenhouse gasses.

James: Gas is another thing, and that goes hand-in-hand with dogs. Goliath Games released a game called Doggie Doo that was so popular that it’s already seen a “new and improved” revision. They say it can actually teach kids about “picking up” things…

Randy: I have an English Bulldog, so this is right up my family’s alley.  My dog farts with such ferocity that one time he woke up my sleeping daughter and she started crying, thinking a motorcycle gang was out to get her.  Walter the Farting Dog was also a wonderful book that we read to our kids to get them to go to sleep when they were younger.  The problem comes when your kid wants to bring his or her Doggie Doo game into Church or Synagogue.  There are only so many times you can blame the Doggie Doo’s farts on your Uncle Dave.

James: In real-life, there’s always the danger of the “minefield,” and Hasbro just brought that into game night with Don’t Step In It. They’re calling it a game of “blindfolded poop-dodging fun!”

The Sklar Brothers: Don’t Step in It is what they could have called Twister.  Could you imagine if Twister was played with real poop in the green circles?

James: Oddly, that may have made me actually want to play Twister. One game I’ve been on the fence with is Identity Games’ Poopyhead Game. They say it’s “the game where Number 2 always wins.”

The Sklar Brothers: Love this idea but gambling already has a game called “Craps.”

James: In case you thought that the bathroom would be safe from poop play, it’s not. Fishin’ For Floaters gives kids a plastic fishing pole and an assortment of floating poop logs that they can fish out of the bathtub. Personally, I see these clogging toilets….

The Sklar Brothers: As the old story goes, give a man a turd and he plays for a day, teach a man to fish for a turd and he plays for a lifetime.

James: Before we wrap-up this poop-toy showcase, there’s two more games on-deck and they’re both shifting toward flatulence. First-up, Goliath Games’ Who Tooted?

The Sklar Brothers: As Brendon Small said in our movie, Poop Talk, “farts are just ghosts of poops,” therefore they should have called this game “Ghostbusters.”

James: And finally, we have Pull My Finger, the monkey farting game from JAKKS Pacific. This thing points his inflating butt at you…

The Sklar Brothers: In the bonus round, does the monkey also throw his own poop at the players?  If not, this is a missed opportunity.

From director Aaron Feldman, Poop Talk comes to select theaters, VOD and Digital HD on February 16, 2018. Learn more at pooptalkmovie.com. These poop toys and many more are available at major retailers everywhere. Check out The Sklar Brothers’ official website for tour dates, and to catch up with their podcasts, television appearances and more!

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